Video: Pontiac Ad Gives Nod to Classic Spy Hunter

I wasn't entirely sure Pontiac was still around as a car company—and there's no way the original Spy Hunter car was a Pontiac—but hey, nice commercial! I look forward to more slightly obscure videogame references in car commercials, with Frogger shilling for Hummer and R/C Pro Am pushing the Honda Fit. [via Pontiac]

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  1. I’m glad GM is giving pontiac it’s ‘edge’ back, instead of trying to spread it across all the car line

  2. I must confess to being slightly stoked about their return to rear wheel drive.. the G8 should be a bitchin’ car, especially with a 6-speed manual.

  3. Sounds like it’s been a bit dulled down since the SS Commodore it’s based on. Hopefully this ad gets it some notice.
    What you guys think of the ‘Sports Truck’ versions. (We call it a ute)

  4. I wish I remembered the brand – but I spotted a car commercial the other day (think it was one of the video commercials) that was a nod to Tron’s light cycle racing. Definitely appealed to the geek in me – as did this.

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