Modern Mechanix Round-UP


Today on Modern Mechanix we learn about a 1936 Hollywood tightrope bike riding "fad", 1922 power plant that ran on municipal sewage, the New York Fire Department's first ambulance and a photographer's camera shaped car. If you've been having trouble getting a good nights rest, perhaps miss Martha Alden, of Pequot Mills, known as the Sleepy-Time Gal can help you. Also this 1923 Popular Science article dares to ask the question: "Can We See with Our Noses And Hear with Our Fingers?".

This weekend we learned how flying saucers work, or don't as the case may be, how to torture inanimate objects with dry ice and make them do cool tricks at the same time, that bubble baths help you lose weight, and how scientists from 1936 hoped to create life from a test tube. We also looked at a ferry that carries and is powered by a single automobile, a machine that vends fresh roasted coffee beans, a monkey photographer, a professor who makes puzzles, a really cool looking toy airplane for kids to drive around in, the worlds tallest man when he was just a giant boy, some nifty high-voltage photos, and paddle shoes to give you that extra edge in the water. Plus check out this breathless account of one explorer's search for dinosaurs in South America and the untrustworthy natives that thwarted his plans.

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