Thomson's Beautiful "Symbio" VoIP Phone


This Thomson Symbio is not only a gorgeous phone, but relatively full-featured, too. The handset is cordless, it supports DECT VoIP, and can even pull down internet radio or RSS feeds. No price yet, but I've got half a mind to buy one just to keep it on a shelf.

Product Page [ via Nexus404 via Notcot]

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  1. Very beautiful design. I also want to buy that house in the video. But I think the claim that you can get Internet radio “HD Sound” out of 1 inch speakers is stretching it a bit. They are taking feature creep to a whole new level with the timer/alarm feature. I was waiting for the guy to stick a drill bit in to the phone and hang a picture.

    Aren’t land-line phones a dying breed anyway?

  2. just came across this product. it looks great. why do they make it so hard to know when it is coming and where I can get one?

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