Sony's "Fresh Start" Removes Trial Software from New Computers...with a Catch


Sony will sell you a laptop free from pre-installed trial software, a service they have called "Fresh Start." And since they won't be making any money on partnership deals with software vendors, Sony would appreciate it if you'd pay them an extra $50 for each machine delivered without interactive advertisements.

The kicker? Engadget is reporting that many recent Sony laptops have had horrible start-up times and performance due to the proliferation of crapware that comes bundled from the factory. They want their customers to pay extra money to guarantee a machine that works.

Sony hates you, offers $50 "Fresh Start" option to build your laptop crapware-free [Engadget]

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  1. Don’t all PC makers do this? Maybe you should add HP and Dell to this ridiculous corporate hate-list. Or just wipe and re-install the OS (or a better one) upon purchase. Or simply don’t buy their products.

  2. Yeah, they all do it, but Sony sets a new standard. Their warez are more copious and more crappy than the competitition. And they’ve gotten pretty good at disguising what parts of their crapware are actually necessary to run the damn things (like drivers). You can easily spend 90% of your “get up and ready to go” time with a new laptop getting rid of crap, even including the time spent installing Windows Updates, Firefox, etc.

  3. I haven’t had an opportunity to try it myself but I read good things about the “PC Decrapifier”.

    It claims unattended removal of a great deal of the preloaded crapware and is free for personal use

    Worth a try…

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