DNA Paternity Testing Kits On Sale Over the Counter


Identigene is selling at-home DNA testing kits for paternity testing at drugstores across the country. The $30 kit includes swabs for the child, mother, and "alleged father," consent forms, and a mailer to be sent back to the company. You'll also want to include a check—the lab fees are an additional $120. Results are available in 3-5 business days once the samples have been received.

Only $150 separates you from the truth about your child's paternity, although you'll have to pay an additional $250 if you need legal paperwork from Indentigene to be used in divorce, custody, child support, inheritance, or other legal cases.

I'm most touched by the logo on the front, as the sanguine mother holds her child up to inspect it for any tell-tale indications of its true father's lineage. According to one study, about one in 25 men are not the father of a child they are raising as their own.

Product Page [DNATesting.com via Gearlog]

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