Bad Old Days: Kodak Disc 4000 Camera


Kodak's Disc 4000 camera, developed in response to the popularity of other cartridge film formats like 110, used a disc with 15 8x10mm negatives arrayed in a circle.

Most all of the Disc cameras were fitted with a plastic aspheric lens that was protected by a sliding cover. Prints from the negatives were not very sharp, even with the aspheric lens design. This was mainly due to the negative size, which was slightly less than that of 110 size. Even 4x6 prints were pretty soft and no one would ever think to have an 8x10 made, but many brave souls did anyway.

Surprisingly, the Disc Film was produced until 1998, even though the camera saw an end to production in 1989. Kodak was also using the introduction of APS format to help ease customers dissatisfaction of the end of Disc film. Of course I really doubt very many people were still using the Disc camera by then.

Kodak Disc 4000 [Photographic Age] (Thanks, Tommy!)

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