Homebrew Electric Motorcycle


Benjamin Nelson built his own electric motorcycle from parts he got on Craigslist and from a local farm store. It only has a 15 mile range, but it gets the equivalent of 300MPG (based on current prices of gas and electricity).

"Then I mounted the motor to the frame using the existing engine mounting holes and a piece of scrap aluminum plate. I found a sprocket and chain in the tractor repair isle of the farm store."

And Mr. Nelson even admits that he doesn't own any power tools other than a drill, doesn't know how to weld and only took one metal shop class in high school.

DIY Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle [Treehugger] (Thanks, Chris T.!)

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  1. Varies by locale – many places that have the under 49cc exception still stipulate that if it can do more than 30mph it requires a license regardless

  2. …so you can’t get it wet…

    In all seriousness, it’s great!
    Have fun and be safe.

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