MagicJack's EULA says it will spy on you and force you into arbitration


MagicJack, a cheapie $20-a-year internet phone service, comes with a shriveled and shaking devil EULA.

"You also understand and agree that use of the magicJack device and Software will include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for the magicJack device to work ... Our computers may analyze the phone numbers you call in order to improve the relevance of the ads"


Any claims, legal proceeding or litigation arising in connection with the magicJack device or Software will be resolved by binding arbitration ... in Palm Beach, Florida."

Oh God, not Palm Beach!

In short, it not only has one agree to ads with its paid-for system, but claims that the ads are necessary for it to work. It will also snoop on your calls to target ads more accurately, and has you sign away your legal right to take it to court if it defrauds or otherwise harms you. Delightful.

Neither the EULA itself, nor any other privacy or legal information, can be easily found at its homepage. It's not even provided at the point of sale, where one enters credit card info, email and street addresses as such, so as to gain access to the service and have your MagicJack dongle delivered. I found the EULA's URL through Google.

It gets sexier. When you access MajicJack's instant web help page, a bizarre series of "compatibility tests" take place first, reporting lies like "Your MagicJack is functioning properly" even if you don't have one installed.

Even the "look how many people came for a free trial" counter on the homepage is a fake, a javascript applet that increments itself automatically:

// the interval (ms) between new visitors
var interval = Math.round(86400000/perday);

As if targeted advertising, systematic privacy invasion and the signing away of your legal rights wasn't evil enough!

Update: Commenter Skochkar points out that they've changed the counter, which now runs server-side.

[Thanks, Joseph!]

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  1. here in Germany the complete EULA would be useless….because it is not conform with other LAWs…..
    and who would like to use that prod?

    NO ONE but it’ll do harm anyway because some dumheads will buy it…for SURE

  2. But dude, it’s Magic! If it were based in reality, then it wouldn’t be so magical, now would it?

  3. The Wikipedia page for Dan Borislow, the inventor, reads more like a press release to promote the MagicJack.

  4. The really interesting part to me is how this company got the amazing “news” coverage that is shown on their home page.

    Why would a guy as rich as Borislow put together a company that has a web site that makes it look like the Ronco of the internet age?

  5. I’m trying to imagine them trying to enforce their eula in court if it’s not readily accessable to the user. I think most judges would smack them silly for trying to enforce a pseudo-contract that the user has never even seen.

  6. …I saw the infomercial and wondered how they made the VOIP to telco service only $19.95, but I couldn’t figure out the catch from the ad. Now it begins to make sense. Too bad, too. Because the idea behind USB/analog phone adaptor is a sound one for many users.

  7. @#1 There are a helluvalot of “dumheads” out there who already bought and are using this device. If you need help spotting them, there’s even an Unofficial magicJack Forum and last October an Engadget article seemed to paint it in a favorable light. They’re all in for a surprise.

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  9. @Frankie

    So you’re just one of the many that have their computer so infested with crapware, that your internet connection SCREAMS each time you log on. You’re letting the WRONG people have your personal information that you have “hiding” inside your computer. They see what you type, they see what you look at, heck, they even know your pet’s name all because you agreed to letting them install their crapware and letting them spy on what you do. It’s all right there in their TOS and EULA! Better read it.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like my machine safe and “spy” free. And before you say a word, NO, I don’t have a thing to hide! In fact, I’m the one you come to when your computer doesn’t “act right when you click on this”, or “the screen makes funny colors” when you open IE. Yes, my friend, I’m a security analyst for a Windows Vista website help forum. I’m the one they come to when they need help.

    And the first thing I tell them after looking at their HiJackThis logs are…here it comes….wait for it….UNINSTALL all the crapware first, then I’ll help you repair it.

    End of story!

  10. Rob,

    while some comments may be astroturf, I have many friends who are obsessed with this product and had no problem gushing to me about it.

  11. So I have been using the magic jack for about 5 months now. I just recently moved from the US to the Netherlands.

    The Magic jack advertising is within the magic jack console itself. Thus far the ads that have been displayed
    – MagicFix : Utility to optimize the magicjack
    – MagicJack International calling (Self Explanatory)

    That is really about it. To tell you the truth I have not had any issues with it that were not self inflicted. (The Fiancee snapped of the USB portion of it.) We wrote to the folks at MJ and they sent us a replacement.

    The only real issue I see is if you do not have a fast enough connection or if your computer is under a lot of load.

    I have mine setup on my media server at home and bought a 5.8 MHZ phone kit with 3 receivers… I have not had any issues.

    Nothing personal, but for $20 a year…. I’ll keep on trunking with it. If you want to pay $20 a month for the other voip companies feel free to throw your money away.

    P.S. The call quality rocks!!! My parents even bought one.

    Daniel S. ,CISSP
    The Netherlands

  12. magicJack was founded by a telecom pioneer who brought his last company public and to a $1 Billion+ Market Cap with over 4 million customers. Ad Serving based on various factors is nothing new. Just as you are delivered unique Google Ads based on your search history, magicJack will identify business telephone numbers through an algorithm, like Google, and deliver relevant ads.
    So far, there are no ads and this is not the business model if you know telecom at all. If you called Delta Airlines, it may serve you a Southwest ad. This is similar to how Jingle Networks secured 5% of the directory assistance market within two years or when you checkout at the local supermarket and get coupons on back of register receipt also matched to your loyalty card (No EULA or TOS when you buy eggs?!). What is creepy is there is a telephone service being launched that actually “listens in” to your calls by computer and picks out key words than serves you ads on the phone call. (What’s next, watching porn online and a Kleenex tissue printing from your computer?) An ad-supported telecom network is NOT magicJack’s business model. So much concern for privacy yet the average person is on 27 cameras EVERYDAY – without giving permission. AND, what about the The Patriot Act? (I must have missed Rob’s blog on the TOS from George W. and company. The online counter is a little hokey but do you audit the results on American Idol or require documentation on QVC? I have a secret, it’s called MARKETING – and it is highly effective and got you all talking. (Heck, Ron Popeil of Ronco fame is a genius! I am sure Dan Borislow at magicJack was proud of the association) So many intellects here, I am sure your advertising and marketing acumen could point magicJack in the right direction to be even more successful. Let’s hear your ideas. Oh, magicJack has never ever been accused of malware or spyware. If you read recent news reports, Apply’s iPod and similar devices, even digital picture frames, are imported with viruses and spyware. (FACT!) Did you read the TOS and Privacy Policy before you posted your comments? Rob gets your first born. Ha. magicJack is a wonderful product and affords inexpensive high quality calling.

  13. Not to disrespect those who have posted honest praise of this product’s genuine utility, but see what I mean about astroturfing? Holy crap.

  14. Sorry if this sounds like Im adding to the astroturfing crowd…but, as a gadget girl and an online junkie, I gotta say my peace to you clunkheads who have posted. There is alot of really ignorant rants around online privacy and whether MJ plans to serve ads to its users — which they do not, at least not yet anyway. I was wondering if all the crazies who posted before Psyche have any sense of whats fueling the huge growth in online advertising??? The last 5yrs there has been a fundamental shift in the landscaping of the ENTIRE advertising industry– and which has created enormous market cap value for companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN and the thousands of Online Ad Networks that are developing extremely complex tools to ‘target’ ads by serving online consumer wiht Ads which are ‘relevant’ to the consumers interests, behaviors, hobbies and ONLINE navigation…Google rules the internet b/c they track, monitor, oversee, spy,police (call it whatever you want) your EVERY online move…so does Yahoo, MSN and every other search engine firm…and, everytime you visit a website to purchase a product or click on an Ad…this action is tracked, measured, analytically reported and used to build your consumer ‘profile…’thats the online world we live in people. Get over it. Embrace it. Take advantage of it. MJ is an inexpensive phone alternative…it works (Ive been a customer since they were in beta– and use it as my 2nd line…all long-distance calls are with MJ), call quality is better than cell phone, almost as good as landline…so people, get into the 21st century and if your a true Gadget person and if you truly understand how the internet world works (yeah, your online behavior is tracked by MANY companies…) chill out and learn to deal.

    MJ is a VoIP phone gadget and the inventors thinking about how to monetize his business, just like Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the rest. Cool gadget, smart ad model. Loud and obnoxious website, cheesy marketing. But who cares. I’m saving $$ and making long distance calls over the internet, which I happen to think is cool.

    Guess I did turf it up! LOL

  15. I have been using MJ for about 6 months. It has worked about 95% of the time wihtout problems, but it has had problems. That said I had more problems with Vonage!
    Im in the e-commerce industry and got to tell you that SweetSassySmart is right on the money.
    Forget MJ, forget google, msn, yahoo, you dont have to go that far. Your ISP is keeping track of everything you do. If you dont believe me, research on a company called Hitwise. Our company recently started using their services and you would not believe the amount of data that gets collected.
    Besides, dont you think your cell phone company keeps information about you? they are way more expensive than MJ.
    What about your regular phone company? How do you think you get so many unsolicited calls, even if you are in the do not call list? Your phone company is more expensive than MJ.
    So we are willing to pay big money to our ISP, cell provider, phone provider, search engines… AND have them analyse all our user patterns, but when it comes to an inexpensive service… then we become apprehensive…. hmmmm
    I second SweetSassySmart notion… wake up, everyone and their grandmother are watching you on the web!, So might as well not keep paying high prices while we are at it.


  17. WOW this IS getting better and better. Kookwatch Bravo!!! I applaud you!!

    You would make all your friends at the conspiracy club proud.

    As far as Europe being for wankers…. Well, when you get your job that you lost back; save up all your little pennies and feel free to come for a visit. It is obvious you know nothing about the rest of the world. So feel free to keep sitting around and complaining about things in your po-dunk town.

    I really wanted to become a global professional so I came over here. I am an American and I am former military as well. I understand national pride…. But come on read a book or something.

    Books will teach you great things… Like how to spell HAIT without the I and an to put an E on the end (HATE)

    DanielS (AKA the wanker living in Europe)

    P.S. Where do you think your family came from?? I am not talking about the same mother/sister either. I mean originally.

  18. A couple of comments and opinions based on having used one for a month:

    – Quality and reliability has been very good

    – I haven’t seen any major ads on the softphone and it is mostly unobtrusive. Yes, it does get a bit annoying regarding it popping up when you don’t want it to.

    – I do agree that the website etc. are too much of a shady sounding “As seen on TV” sales pitch. I believe it to be a good product and so far a reasonable company, so I hope they improve their image for their own sake.

    – If you apply common sense, they do need to make money somehow, and a lot of people are willing to accept ads in return for cheaper calling.

    – As the EULA says, ads are necessary for its function. Its called a business model. If that offends you, don’t use it. Don’t use Gmail, Google search, etc. and tons of other ad-based internet freebies that you count on, either.

    – Since it does get installed on your computer, it may require more than any average user’s knowledge regarding keeping the machine adware free. I have not observed any performance issues nor have adaware types of software noticed anything strange.

    – As someone who has used VOIP for a few years, and is fairly savvy with computers and telecom, I consider it a great concept and a reasonably well-implemented product. I hope more products in the genre, ad-supported for those who want to save more money, and not, for those who’re more bothered by ads.

    – If you don’t like the policy, not buying it is a good idea. But that does not make it a bad product for everyone.

  19. I don’t see any problem with the EULA, I’m glad you pointed out the details. Now I know it’s good because the adds are what pay for most of the service. But to you paranoid fools, what do you think any of this has to do with malware? You must hate all the trillions of web pages on the net because they all do the same thing! You never did have the privacy that you apparently thought!

    == My Experience ==

    I had near ZERO problems with Vonage, but this “magic” think really stinks! You know how they say “plug it in and it’s so easy”? Well, even my software engineering skill did not help me since they simply did NOT tell me what I needed to do to get it going when the AutoRun did not work. I just kept trying crazy things for an hour and suddenly it started the registration. The meaning was unclear in registration so I ended up closing it, thinking I must be done. I had dialtone, but DID NOTHING after I dialed. Since there’s no help for this, I had no clue that of course it would not work because
    1. I would have had to get my local number
    2. There’s apparently a GUI that has to be running

    Anyway, after 3 hours of anger I finally got the message that says something like [this will take a few minutes but it will sure be worth it]! What a load of NONSENSE!
    Apparently the big problem is that they shipped me hardware that’s OUT OF DATE. I always have to also click around to install “upgrade.exe” before anything works. That’s stupid, and completely OPPOSITE of everything they advertised.

    So I finally call someone and they can’t hear me loud enough. I think it helps though to turn up the microphone vol in the menu.
    But stink! The audio is very “crappy”, unreliable, and it even takes more bandwidth than vonage which was always crystal clear! Since mj is like $1.50/mo I will keep it in addition to vonage. Afterall, mj cannot even keep my home phone number.

    That said, I like this idea if I can get it for less than $15/yr (the 5 yr agreement).
    I can answer the strange question of why many are complaining about “privacy”. They are addicted to certain sexual things which involve phones and Internet. They feel uneasy knowing that someone can advertise porn to them on the picture, just because they called those 900 numbers :-O

  20. What if I used an old laptop that the disk drive doesn’t work anymore and plugged it up by ethernet, and sat it on my desk. Can you install the software off the internet? And can you hook up a cordless phone to it and forward calls to cell phones?

  21. I just spent an hour and 1/2 “chatting” with two unknow individuals in some foreign country trying to resolve a problem with my Magicjack. They obviously did not know much about the MJ.

    I recently tried using my magicjack in Argentina and it would not work. I was using my computer and a phone I brought with me. I got a dial tone but could not dial to the US.

    I am interested in knowing if any of you have used the MJ outside the US and if so how did you get a call through?

    Also for the person in the Netherlands, how did you get an address to return the MJ. Mine is going on and off and I believe there is a loose connection at the plug and it should be replaced or repaired.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Bob in CA

  22. I recently bought this product and was told that it would be free for 30 days. That is my first complaint. It took them three days to charge me for the full amount. I have filed a dispute on this because I sure as heck am not going to pay 54 dollars for crap!!

    My second complaint is it worked until they got paid. I had it working great until I got up this morning and it just stopped. Nothing I did would make it work. I finally gave up and decided I am sending it back.

    Final words: MAGICJACK SUCKS!! It is not worth the headache and Im sorry but any company who has no contact email address and no 1-800 number or even a contact number of any type must have something to hide. They dont want the complaints. Look on their site and all you see is how great this device is. Why dont they post actual reveiws from real people? Why dont they allow people like you or me to say what we really think? It is all a little fishy to me. I should have listened to myself when I thought that when something seems to good to be true it probably is

  23. i just got the MJ, had to go thru the chat help to get it going. a better set of instructions would have gone a long way.

    then i read the EULA and asked the chat person how the ads were delivered to me, and whether there was spyware or malware involved. he didn’t answer, then when i asked if he’d seen the question he said yes, then typed nothing, then the message “chat was ended”.

    it worried me, but i put it all in anyway and am hoping for the best. so far the calls are a little crunchy, but it works. wish me luck.

  24. Mine will be here Monday. I have Cable internet (6 megs), a Yamaha sound card, 2000 mbr. I bet I get it to work.

  25. Mine did come today, and it works great. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If you can read, you can understand the instructions.
    Counting downloading the software, and registering, total time was about 2 min.

  26. Well, finding this site is interesting to say the least. And here’s my story:
    On May 29, 2008 I went to MJ site and ordered one MJ for 30-Day FREE TRIAL. Received confirmation on the site itself (and via email) that I would be billed for $50.85 on June 27, 2008. The only thing I agreed to immediately was to take advantage of rush shipping ($3.95), which was listed as being debited the same day. I used to work at a Bank, so “reading the fine print” before clicking “I Agree” comes naturally to me. (Most of the comments here are pertaining to unwanted Adware or marketing techniques, and frankly, I understood that part and accepted it.)

    However, on June 2nd (4 days later) my Bank called me to inform me I was overdrawn. (Yes, they call me because I was once their employee.) I was stunned. Not possible. After researching, it was discovered that $50.85 was taken out for none other than MagicJack. Now I’m LIVID. (I did manage to use MJ and make one phone call and the recipient couldn’t hear me through most of the phone call.)

    So I decided to get ahold of the company to discuss. SURE. Doesn’t exist. Like everyone else on the planet apparently, I contacted Live Chat. And I kept a printed copy of our “nice little chat.” I’d like everyone here to know some of what was said (verbatum):
    “No, we do not have a toll free for customer service.” “We do not have phone service as of the moment.” ?????? (I asked do you have a non-tollfree number to call and I will pay for it?) I never got an answer. Instead, here’s what I got:
    “Okay, you were charged on your 30 days free trial. If you’ll use a credit card for payment,The entire amount will be set to hold in your card and the charges will push through after the 30 days trial period is over. It’s the same with Debit card, an authorization will be held in your card for the total amount. This authorization will be deducted from your bank after the 30 day trial period. We do not process any charges until the Trial Period has expired. Different banks & credit companies do it different ways. You may please contact your bank if you need more details.” (Nice English, by the way.) What a big, fat load of crap, and no answer, and no restitution.

    I verified with my Bank that there was no hold, no authorization for a future date, NO NOTHING. Bank coding proves it was a debit just like any other debit. Period. And that, my friends, translates into bonafide FALSE ADVERTISING. (Forget the adware situation; the real issue is I did not authorize this company to take money out of my account before June 27, 2008, so they in effect, stole from me.) As a consumer, it’s not my problem that there is no way to contact them. LiveChat refused to give me an answer or help rectify my request. That’s not my problem either.

    If you go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) site you will see that YMax Communications Corp. and MagicJack have an F rating, with approx. 18-20 unresolved issues. Specifically, the BBB is getting no response from the company. Why does that not surprise me? Today I added myself to the list by filing a complaint.
    Tomorrow I will be contacting the FL State Attorney General, Bill McCollum. The biggest mistake I made was not checking the BBB site first before ordering. Have to chalk it up to ‘stupid.’ I used to live in FL and it is a hotbed of scams and bad businesses.
    When I stumbled upon this site I could relate to the first post saying “Oh God, not Palm Beach!”

    Last but not least: when I read Post #15, I just about flipped. You see I have another problem. From the very moment I first tried MJ, something has gone wrong with my computer. Suddenly it was acting like the old days of dial-up. Plus, my protection kicked into overdrive. It was constantly notifying me of incoming infections. And I have excellent protection. Within a few days, my computer had almost 100 infections! To make a long story short, after a long conservation with an HP Tech, I need to do a full Recovery. Even though I uninstalled everything I could find related to MJ, it now needs a thorough repair.

    I wouldn’t have anything to do with MagicJack again if someone paid me to try their product. I’ve always been a person to give a company a chance to prove their product is as good as it sounds. But “hiding” from your customers is bad business, period. It’s like you’re sneaky, or up to something criminal. I really hope that if enough of us who have been burned speak up, MJ will get investigated.
    (Remember Netflix? Customers complained that there was no phone number on their site to reach the company personally. And Netflix made sure to fix that. Good for them! Bad publicity = no more customers!)

  27. I bought one of these crappy things, and it worked fine for about a month. Now, the program shuts down by itself at least once a day. When I tried to install the fix in the troubleshooting, my screen says there is no website at that address. I have broken audio, no support, and I’m highly disappointed.

  28. I wonder why it works for some, and others think it is crap?
    Could it be their PC?

    I would suggest for the ones having trouble,,,uninstall it,,take it out of the registry using regedit, then reinstall it.

  29. I found this site when I started checking to see if MJ is known to put spyware or malware on computers. I was suspicious from the start, but needed the cheapest possible phone service, being in dire financial straits. One person here says they don’t. I still have no way of knowing for sure.

    I’ve been using MJ for about a month now. It’s my main phone service. That way, my only monthly communications bill is for high speed internet service. Would hate to have to give *that* up!

    MJ service is good some of the time. We have to unplug and replug it in several times a day to keep it working, frequently have to run the “magic fix”, and occasionally have to run the “upgrade”. Every time I do that, I worry about what I’m installing onto my computer.

    You get what you pay for, they say. I paid $40 for the device plus a year’s worth of service. I have a phone number I can take with me when I lose my home to foreclosure (in the next few months), and semi-reliable service. I can use it on my laptop and talk for free anywhere there’s free wi-fi. I just pray there’s no malware coming with it!

  30. POSSIBLE CONTACT INFO for YMax Communications Corp!
    (Thank You for message #34, Catch29! That was very informative, and helped me know what to search for.)

    So, my Google search yielded this website:

    (Sorry, text didn’t “wrap”. try )

    It gives the following phone info for YMax Communications Corp:

    Primary: Mailing / PO Box
    P.O. BOX 6785 WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33405-6785
    Main: 561-586-3380
    Alt: 888-230-0060
    Fax: —

    I don’t know whether that’s accurate and up to date, but it’s a start.

    I don’t feel the need to contact them myself. I bought the thing with my eyes open, knowing that stuff they sell on infomercials tends to be unreliable, and just hoping it work at least some of the time – which it does. If it damages my computer, though, then they will know the wrath of a pis8sed-off consumer who would just love to have a sleazy rip-off company to focus her ire at the unfairness of life on!

  31. I certainly agree with #30 Anonymous. All of you that are so gung-ho about this fraudulent Magicjack crap are in for a rude awakening. Let me tell you my story and I bet you change your mind. On Sunday, May 11th we saw the advertisement for Magicjack and we ordered it. You know how you have that “30 day free trial”- what a hoax. They are supposed to take out $39.95 at the end of the free trial, right? Well, we only had the device for 5 dyas and they were having money put on hold in our account. Those of you that have had the magicjack for a year or so, just wait- your time is coming when you find out what a scam magicjack really is.
    On Tuesday, May 27th 2008, 5 days after we received the device, I figured I would just check out my bank statement online and found out to my dismay that we were in the negative in our account and I couldn’t see why. I called my bank and the teller told me that magicjack had an amount of $46.90 put on hold from our account. Number one: they told me our bank account will not be affected until after the 30 day free trial. We had to pay $30.00 for the overdraft, which we didn’t even have because of those idiots! Number 2: they took out $46.90 when they said they were taking $39.95 AFTER THE FREE TRIAL! I know that there isn’t much of a difference between $46.90 and $39.95 but that is besides the point. After we saw that they were nothing but a scam, we sent the device back. I went online to chat with a magicjack agent about our $46.90 refund. She told me our refund was processed and we should get an email confirmation of our refund and that our refund will be direct deposited into our account between June 5th – June 12th. Well, those days came and went and no refund. I got online to chat with an agent and I was told it wasn’t processed yet. She told me she was going to process it right then and there and that we would have our refund in 2 days. The 2 days came and went and no refund. I got back online again to chat with an agent. This time, all of a sudden, she couldn’t find my account and she asked for my debit card numbers again. I told her NO WAY! They ended up finding it some other way then, so what does that tell you? She told me they prioritized my refund and that we would get it the following day. Well, the following day came and went and no refund. By this time I was fired up! I got online yet again and this time, at the beginning of the chat the agent told me it wasn’t processed yet and that she just processed it and we would have to wait another 7-10 days. I was FURIOUS!!!!!!! Then towards the end of the chat, I asked her when it was processed, just to see if I could catch her in another lie, and she told me it was processed on May25th and that we should have already received it. She said that they couldn’t send me the email confirmation because I gave her the wrong email address (she typed a bunch of numbers and put after the numbers, saying that is the email we gave them.) In reality, I gave them my husbands email address, which I gave to them when we ordered the magicjack and I had to use that same email address (my husbands) to login everytime I needed to chat with an agent. That was another obvious made up lie! She told me it was my bank’s fault that my refund didn’t go through and she told me to call my bank. Well, I did so while I was chatting with her. The teller told me that Magicjack didn’t send any refund back or it would have shown up by now. I told the agent what the teller told me, and she didn’t say anything, she just terminated the session because I backed her into a corner that she couldn’t get out of. They disconnected me several times because they knew that I was on to them being scammers. I even told them that they may deal with alot of stupid people but I’m not one of them. I told them I know that they are scammers. I asked the agent how they can sleep at night knowing that they scam people. I said “Just so you get paid you don’t care, do you?” Of course they didn’t answer me because they know I’m right. If any of you go to you will see for yourself that there are tons of consumers out there that found out the hard way that Magicjack is nothing but a scam, stealing people’s money. I had already filed reports with the FCC, who told me that there were several people filing reports on Magicjack, I filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission, I filed a report on, and even went as far as trying to get it broadcasted on the local news there in West Palm Beach Florida. I don’t know if it was broadcasted or not though but I’m not through with them yet. On Monday, I am calling my attorney to see what can be done about this. They screwed around with the wrong person here! Have a nice day everyone.

  32. I don’t think you people really understand MagicJack’s business model. It is NOT the ads that will bring them riches and wealth; it is money from the former Ma Bells.

    They have incoporated as as a telco. When a caller using old ma bell calls one of their numbers, old ma bell pays them an access fee.

    They have also set themselves up as a VOIP provider. So when a magicjack number calls an old ma bell number, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE ACCESS FEE!!!

    So MagicJack is like a roach motel; money comes in but it does not go out……

    Now old ma bell will send a large army of blue suited lawyers after MJ to kill them (like they did that Iowa phone number company that gave out free international LD calls) and it will come down to how well MJ greased palms at the FCC to see if they survive the legal onslaught.

    Should be fun to watch!!!

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    MgcJck RCKS!!!!!!!!!

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  36. Ok, first off I read through the entire EULA/TOS and I had to chuckle. They did an awesome job on Covering their a$$e$. I am a Business Major and after I looked at it I have to agree that a large majority of the new customers/clientel did not read through these or did not understand them thoroughly. A few poor points being:

    -They can not guarantee your service will work

    -They have NO guarantees of 911 service, though it may or may not be available and up to date with your local 911 exchange

    -Your telephone number is random and they will assign you one within a reasonable amount of time *within and up to 14 days (Are you kidding me??)

    -If there is a problem with your MJ only within 30 days may you have a replacement which would be delivered within 14 days (once we recieve your item! Are you serious no phone for almost 4 weeks no way)

    -No customer service number, address or email address (How can a telephone company not have a phone line? Now that is just strange and unusual and makes NO SENSE whatsoever!!!)

    -The additional software that may be added may require you to disable your Firewall or LAN Encryption Code temporarilly. (Now that is just plain asking for trouble)

    -If you have no power, or have internet connections problems they assume no responsibility for loss of service (That’s obvious enough though)

    -$20 a year and a one time charge obviously getting kickback from an Adware Company and Phishing or Spyware company to be able to provide services at that type of rate (too good to be true scenario)

    -Notice they are not covered or held by any regular FCC rules and regulations ***RED FLAG PEOPLE***

    My Good Old Reliable phone line—–

    -Works or I am not charged for the days without service (repair request required)

    -Contact Number (Toll Free), email address, customer service chat available, home office address available etc. etc.

    -If you have a problem 9 times out of 10 (When there is not a mass outage) fixed within 24 hours!!! Now that’s what I call DEPENDABILITY!!

    -911 availibility guarantee (Even if phone line disconnected or on suspension) That rocks!! (Not if mass outage due to central offices or centers of impact)

    -Same phone number all the time! Yay! I can put my phone number on my business cards!!

    -Don’t have to have internet
    I could go on, I know this much though I will pay all the extra money that I have to on top of this MJ thing. I need the security I have kids and a house I can NOT lose Dial Tone! (And if I do its normally less than a day so Cell’s are fine for then) But hey I might be one of many that will the extra money for the added security. JMHO


  37. I have been using MJ for a couple of days now. So far no problems except it didn’t load right the first time I plugged it in. So I unplugged it and plugged it in again and I started installing. I fully understand it will only work as good as your Internet connection and when your connection slows down, so does the quality of the gadget. I’m connected to the Internet through a WiFi connection that works good most of the time… some of the time. But I got to tell you this thing works a lot better than my Verizon cell phone does where I am.

    Reading all the post on this device reminds me of another communications device that I was part of a pilot program with before they opened it to the market. That was mobile satellite Internet. It worked good for some people and not very good for others. Those who had problems with it bit#hed and cried about it while those who mastered the system loved it. The main problem was those who had nothing but problems with it also had problems with other electronic devices like programming a VCR. You couldn’t help these people because they already knew everything. There were so many complaints from these people that the company took it off the market. I used it for over 3 years. Yea I had problems with it sometimes but in the most part it done what I wanted it to do. You see I am an electronic technician, radar technician, satellite communications technician and installer, and a computer programmer. I know all this stuff works on the PFM principle. Once you understand that, it all makes sense and you come to accept it and learn how to use this PFM. You ask what it this PFM prinicple? Most of you will not be able to accept it but others will and say to themselves.. yep that’s it.

    PFM = Pure Fuc#in* Magic.

    For those of you who can’t make it work right.. unplug it and throw the dam* thing away. It will make life a lot easier for you.

    For those of you who are paying fees because you have overcharged on your credit card or you are overdrawn on your checking account because of your ATM card… you have already proved you can’t make things work right. Learn how to manage your credit cards and bank accounts.

    For those of you who have made it work for you… enjoy it and the cheap phone service but accept the fact that all electronic devices work on the PFM principle and sometimes they just stop working right… and if it does, they’re cheap, throw it away and get another one.

    As for post numbers 11, 23, 41, 42 and 43.. say what?

    We have became so dependent on electronic devices in this world today that when one of these magic devices stop working, we don’t know what to do because people have stopped learning how to think for themselves without them. And believe me it wouldn’t take much of an electrical EMP storm to make the whole world come to a stop.

  38. Good afternoon everyone,

    First off, I am a MJ user and have been relatively happy with the product since my father in law sent it to us. That is not to say that it doesn’t have its problems. VoIP technology is still basically in its infancy as far as telephony product go and still has a long way to go until it is a recognized industry standard along with the good old hard line products out there.

    That being said, lets address some of the issues people have been griping about in this thread –

    1) Its not a free trial! I got charged before the 30 days!

    Ok, any time someone tells you they will give you a free trial if you give them your credit/debit card info, you are asking for problems. Once you willingly give it to them you are telling them to charge it. I agree, you shouldn’t have to give them your card number or any payment method until the trial is over, but they asked and you did, live with it.

    2) Its ad driven and full of spyware!

    As stated earlier in the thread, the only ads that I have seen in it are the one for the Magicfix tool, setting up voice mail, and adds that tell you that there might be problems if you install certain Windows service packs for your OS version. But, since there are never anything but problems with Windows service packs, I feel that this isn’t a bad advertisement to see. Maybe if Microsoft pulled their collective head out and did something about their products that ad might not be needed but until then, I’ll live with it. I have see far worse adds that are click driven on various websites that I use on a daily basis in my job as a system admin…Heck, some of those pages are owned by Microsoft.

    3) The service doesn’t work!!!

    Have you thought that it is your computer? Maybe its just such a piece of junk that you need to recycle it and get a new one. This time though, spend a few extra dollars and get one that won’t be obsolete a month after you buy it like the stuff they sell at Wal-Mart. I don’t know how many times I have gone to a clients office or home and they are bragging about the new computer they bought at such a “good” price only to find a machine that can’t or shouldn’t be upgraded, has an operating system that should never have been released or is so cheap that it won’t be sold on the manufacturers website because its a piece of junk.

    4) They don’t have a phone number to call and resolve things!!!

    Ok, this is a valid point, but not the only time I have seen this for a start-up company. There is no reason that they can’t use their own product to give themselves phone service, and maybe that is planned in the near future. I do know that phone service is usually one of the most expensive points for a new start-up and this may be why. Internet chat and e-mail can be just as effective if used properly and with the exception of their low level techs…They don’t seem to listen to well but once you get through them to the upper level support, it goes much smoother.

    5) It corrupted my computer and I had to restore!!!

    Hmmm….Lets think of it like this….Your computer, going back to point 3, is a piece of junk, you have really bad surfing and downloading habits and you have already infected your machine with virus and or spyware. This nifty new VoIP device requires the opening of ports that XP SP2 slams shut by default since Microsoft wasn’t smart enough when they created the OS to close automatically. No matter how good anti-virus and anti-spyware is, it NEVER gets it all and it sits on your hard drive, waiting for you to open a port so it can do its job. Once the port is open, it makes its communication with the server or device it is supposed to contact and then it goes to town like a country yokel with $100 in his pocket. This has a tendency of downloading more virus or spyware to your computer which is actually what is causing the corruption. If you don’t want to be subject to this, make sure your system is absolutely tight and that you REALLY don’t have anything bad on your computer. It will save you a costly repair bill from someone like me in the future.

    I know that there are going to be a lot of you that dismiss what I said in this thread and tell me I’m just promoting this product…I’m not…I have had my problems with it and will say that it was the companies fault…They did get it resolved but they appeared to take their sweet time doing it. That didn’t make me happy and was even worse when I had to go back numerous times for support on the same item. If you are a basic computer user, my suggestion would be for you to stay away from this item or have someone check it for you that is qualified to determine if your computer can handle it and it won’t cause you problems. If you are scared of their EULA, then don’t sign up or if you do after reading it, you deserve what you get if you get jacked. For those of you that are thinking about using this product and like what it has to offer, don’t fence straddle, just buy the thing, get your full first year of service and don’t bother with the “FREE TRIAL”. The product works well enough to justify the cost for the first year and if you cease to like it after wards, don’t renew. Simple as that…

    Ok, I’m done now….I know there are plenty of you that are going to flame this and me instead of listening, so go right ahead….I won’t be coming back to this thread anyway so it won’t bother me any…Said my peace and I am happy.


  39. Good comment Bishop. This thing is still working on my 6 year old Dell… maybe because I try to maintain my computer and not load it to the max with junk memory hungry game programs. Oh there was a storm in the area night before last and there was static on the line and the the other end said they could hear music. Maybe I should use that as an excuse to complain about this product.


  40. No guys the number for billing and customer service is 281-404-1551
    It says so on the website! give them a call if you are having any difficulties!
    the hours are from 1am to 5pm i think

  41. I purchased the Magicjack and the unit went bad, You can only communicte with them via internet chat for any kind of help, I have spken with at leat eight different people who have been absloutel useless. I can not evev get a replacemet from them. They were very ignornat and actually cut me off several times and ended the conversation. I would not reccoment to anyone to purchase one of these jokes and the support is even a bigger joke, I will tell all my friends, I have aloread notifed my locla news papers adn will notify my local TV channels to fill them in on how they operate, YOu can email me personally if you want Dave
    email is I have nothing to hide and a lot to say about this organization, if you have any doubt in your mine at all, Please talk to me first, Thank you
    I hate to see people get screwed by a scam and thats exactly what they are running

  42. Those firewall terms sound bad but really are necessary to cover there basis because a lot of firewall software is brutal to the point of making the internet not work. NAV Internet Security was the first thing I thought of when I read this. The first few versions of this sold wouldn’t let you go to google wihout tweaking it.

    I am using magic jack. I have it on a deticated pc so I don’t care if they spy on it. I don’t use it for anything else and i am not seeing the adds.
    If my mom shops on qvc and I call her and get a qvc add on the pc im not using I just think that’s funny.

    As for the banking problems. Sounds to me like some guy in his basement making stoopid ecomerse mistakes. I used a shop safe credit card number that expires in 2 months so I wouldn’t have to deal with these problems. This thing pays for it’s self in 2 months compared to vondage. I am sure once they start porting numbers over they will really take off.

    I think the sold java script is really misleading possibly criminal.

    Honestly, I have spent more money on disposable cameras.

    I have spent more money on things I wanted to take appart.

    If someone wants to know what spyware if any is involved. Load up a blank pc and a msi builder. It can do a before after snapshot of the computer and tell you what’s up…

    Until then, I just use a deticated pc until magicjack comes out with some all hardware solution. There buisness model right now doens’t include mas producing diffrent hardware options yet and why should it. Get this one to market. Then come up with something more versital where you don’t need a pc on all the time, just internet. When you have a good thing you don’t want to compete with yourself…

  43. Why would anyone complain to their Congressmen and write the BBB about a $40 product? Chalk the mistake up to your own stupidity and move on, I can’t believe how many people place no value whatsoever on their personal time.

  44. Some of what I learned reading this page (or already knew and wonder why other folks don’t seem to understand.)

    1. I don’t have the time or energy or desire to insert the vowels no matter how smart the post.

    2. RTFM

    3. NEVER EVER use a debit card on the internet (DUH!!!)

    4. Read the FAQ

    5. Operator Head space is NOT a virus.

    6. Due Diligence is not a disease.

    7. Wankers never do much about things but wank.

  45. Actual Live Chat with Magic Jack Operator

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    You are now chatting with ‘******’

    Operator: Hello, how may I help you?

    Me: I’m trying to make an International call to ***** and I tried just dialing all the numbers but the system only picks up 10 digits. How do I make an International Call?

    Operator: I do apologize for the inconvenience that has caused you.

    Operator: Have you purchase an International minutes online?

    Me: what?

    Me: I thought you could call anywhere in the world!

    Operator: Can I have your magicJack number please?

    Me: ***-***-***

    Operator: Thank you.

    Operator: My apologies, ***** but once you call any other country other than Canada and USA you have to purchase an International minutes for that for that is already an International call.

    Me: I guess my ****** and me will be returning these.

    Operator: Any calls from magicJack are all for free as long as your calling inside US and Canada.

    Me: We have Cell Phones for that. We were both under the impression that we could call “Anywhere” for free. We are under the 30 day trial. Do we just send them (two of them) back? And we get our money back right?

    Operator: Yes, it’s Free local and long distance calling to US and Canada.

    Operator: Free International calling to US/Canada numbers when traveling outside of the US.

    Me: This product is not for us then

    Operator: Okay.

    Operator: Can I have your full name, email address and sales order number please?

    Me: It’s under my ****** name. What does he have to do?

    Operator: Visit this link

    Operator: Select “I want to return my magicJack” from the drop down menu

    Operator: In the comments, ask for an “RMA number”

    Operator: Press “Submit”

    Me: thank you

  46. I suppose it is possible that most who have complained in these posts might have experienced some difficulties, but the product worked for me flawlessly right out of the box.

    I don’t use it as my primary line just yet; only as my secondary line – and no complaints. For $40.00 for the first year, and $20.00 per year thereafter, it is definitely worth a try.

  47. Is MagicJack any different from the Telecoms who are giving your information to the Feds?

    Better start using two cans and a string.

  48. the question is where are the ads
    If you go to the website to confirm , get a confirm email , or there are ads that flash in their control panel software on the computer ( you can use the phone keypad or the control panel in the software to dial or answer ) then what is the big deal

    Morris E.R.J. Brown

  49. For the person above that posted his chat session with a customer service rep. When you went to the Magic Jack website, was there something specific that you didn’t understand about how to beat the system? The company even says that in order to not have to buy an international minutes pack is to buy a device for the person in the other country, mail it to them and then have them set the device up as if they lived in the US. This gives them an US telephone number and then the two of you can talk for free without buying minutes.

    For the people that posted the gibberish in several posts above….Put down your cell phones and leanr to type! Texting isn’t cool and most people don’t really care that you can text 250 characters in under 30 seconds. They care that they can read what you posted.

    The stupidity of people is appaling these days.


    PS – Yeah, so I came back to see what was posted after me. Big deal.

  50. I had the very same experience as #34 Posted by CATCH29 on June 10th. They charged me the fees before the 30 day Free Trial was up, actually before they even shipped the product to me. During live chat with one of their reps., I told them they have false advertising practices. They did not agree. I have not gotten anywhere with them on my complaint. It also annoys me that I cannot speak to a person directly. The infomercial, and automated ordering system is very different from their website. They have many policies and procedures on their website that the customer would not normally know are in place. I guess I am naive, but didnt think I needed to check out their site before ordering and that they would have all these unspoken rules and practices. They were on the Shopping Network on TV so I assumed they were legite. You know what they say about assume……Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who also did not get their Free Trial. I guess once I receive the product I will know if it really works or not. But at this point I am very tempted to just tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  51. Seriously… I am going to try it. $20.00
    – Making any decision BEFORE you try/do anything whatsoever?

    Priceless. 😀

  52. TAMMYB:

    I takled lik tis end tey thught it wuz nut inglesh

    that is the robot test and they FAILED so no dont expect to talk to ANY reel ppl online or not

  53. The way I got my MJ to work out of the country was to have my phone calls forwarded off my cell and land line to the MJ and it works great as I am in Switzerland getting all my business calls in and returning them has been working fine for about 2 months. But set up your MJ to work where you’re at and forward the calls before you leave the country. Then I will un-forward my phone when I get back to the USA in about a month. I have had no problem talking for hours at a time. Ohh one more thing is I use a head mic set and seems to work the best in making my calls.

  54. Don’t expect the MJ to work with an old computer and dial up, it won’t happen!

    Make sure you have a decent (working) newer computer with a good high speed connection. I am on my wireless high speed and its working great.
    When I travel and my MJ it’s on, all my calls go to my email so I never miss any calls from my business as long as my calls are forwarded to MJ. To forward your calls hit the star * then 72 add your MJ phone number that’s on your cell or land line and to un-forward calls hit * 73 and the send button on your cell and then your call are not on the MJ anymore. So when I get to where I can leave my computer on, I just plug in my MJ and get my calls on the computer incoming and outgoing calls it ring on my computer.

    I do not get extra ads or pop up’s on my computer other than the MJ sign in page, MJ does not seem to affect the speed of my computer either while I working on the computer as I am talking I have not had any problems. I know if are running programs like Lime-wire or big down load programs that will cause problems anyways with speed on any computer.

    Good luck with your new MJ, I know of 5 of my friends that are using MJ’s and they seem to be working just fine some in the USA and some in other countries.

  55. Some of you people are really funny. I like the woman who mismanaged her bank account, It’s like no one ever taught her how to balance a check book. HAHAHA. And everyones so pissed writing letters to TV stations, newspapers, FCC c’mon people it’s $40 either you can spend the money or not, if you can’t then don’t and all the problems have customer service refund conversations will just go away. Anyway I’m getting one, I’m going to put it on a computer meant for it and I’m going to talk a really long time to all the people I miss in the US while I’m out of the country.

    What kind of idiot writes an entire post in text language?

  56. This has all been very helpful. For the person insisting on using “text language” for his/her/its posts: I think, before too long, you are going to find that you aren’t able to spell many words, let alone a coherent sentence. Just a word to the wise, or jst a wrd 2 the yz.

  57. Very interesting, this is a great thread. For $47, I thought I’d try MJ. I ordered it on 6/19, they shipped it on 6/20. They charged my credit card on 7/18, as promised. It worked the first time I plugged it in, and has since. If it continues to work, I will be spending less than $2/month instead of $50 plus for LD service. For that kind of annualized savings, I can purchase a few backup MJ’s. Am I just lucky? I’ve never been lucky before! My only fear is that their service issues will cause them to go belly up before I get my ROI. Which, according to my last month’s phone bill, should be next week.

  58. I didn’t notice this point in any previous posting (although I may have missed it).

    If MagicJack snoops on MagicJack user calls, them by extension, it must also snoop on the person on the other end of the call…who in most instances DID NOT AGREE TO THE SNOOPING!.

    I believe that this is treading very close to a violation of Federal law.

    I’ve seen similar schemes used for e-mail. The “service” will store your contacts list for you. However, you have no idea what the “service” is doing with your friends’ data either now or in the future. Whenever anyone did this with my data, I explained to them what was going on and then blocked all e-mail from them.

    Can I block MagicJack callers?

  59. If you don’t have the time to write in full words and complete sentences, do us all a favor and don’t bother writing! Thanks!

  60. Won’t this address privacy concerns? I have an older laptop that works well but which I never use. What if I make sure I have no important info on it and just plug the MJ into that one? Spy all day,(if they do), they won’t get anything. I don’t have MJ but am considering getting it.

  61. I LOVE Magicjack. This portable device is a godsend! I ordered the device and received it within 4 – 5 days. As some have complained yes does authorize a charge for $50. HOWEVER, this is just to make sure your credit card is active and is refunded within 3 days. The company does not say this, but I understand why it is done. After all how many companies can afford to give their stuff away to people who enter “fake” credit card information? After 30 days the company did take the $39.95 out of my account. The sound quality isn’t as good as a landline but it is far better than any other VOIP that I have used. I have also used this little device on my laptop too (my main use is on my home computer) and it has worked without fail. I have taken it on the road for travel and loved it. You know how many hotel chains charge outrageous long-distance charges? You can use this device to get around it. Unplug their phone from the wall and plug it into Magicjack, and now guess what? Yes you’re right the hotel no long can charge you for that call b/c the call isn’t going through their lines. It does require you have a laptop and it is turned on w/ wireless service or broadband though. I would suggest wireless. This little Magicjack wonder has saved me more money than I have kept track of. I travel constantly and previously used my cell phone which ran my anytime minutes down during the day or had to use the hotel phone and succumb to the outrageous long distance charge, now with magicjack, my laptop and wireless connection (which I had before magicjack anyhow) any phone call is free. Also it has saved me approximately $30 – $40/month at home as my phone bill was about that a month. Yes, there are trade offs. They are: voice quality isn’t quite as good as landline phones, BUT it is close. The company will authorize a $50 charge at first, BUT it is refunded within 3 days. You need a broadband/wireless connection for this to work. You also need to have your computer with the broadband/wireless connection on. You can not use any other programs on the computer while using the phone. Those minor inconviences are well worth the money saved with this device. I’d recommend it to anyone and have recommended it to all of my family and friends. I am constantly asked what it is and am happy to recommend it to people who ask. Please do not get scared by these negative comments as I firmly believe they are unfounded and are by folks that haven’t approprately used their device. Again this device is well worth the money and trade offs that are necessary to use it. By the way — I have never had a tech problem with my device, and it has been being used for approximately 5 months now.

  62. Some of the comments here are hilarious. I’ve been using MagicJack for months now with no real problems. No, it’s not perfect 100% of the time, but it’s still better than the Lingo VoIP service I had, and WAYYYY cheaper. I have used it on 4 different PCs now, and it works fine on every one of them.

  63. Yes they are, Magic Jack is an unnessary device and yes you do get the ads and yes they do track your buying habits ect. It is spying but its not like they are gonna come and rob your house or steal your Idenity. And yes they charge you and in a few days give you the money back. Expensive piece of equipment No it like a usb card you can get these days for like $10. So it’s a great idea so how do you get around the spy stuff Ect. SKYPE.COM Skype customers can call skype customers Free and its really free you don’t have to pay to signup nothin just download the software and use it free. Now youu wanna make regular phone calls like magic jack 29.99 a YEAR and you dont have to buy some device. I play video games online and talk to my friends in New Zealand for hours at a time FREE. Now heres something for real as with ALL VOIP NO 911 Service so if you have an emergency to bad go next door and call. I had a heart attack last year and that lousey $11 bucks a month I pay the phone company for the most Basic of services available and the $2.50 a month for skype For less than $14 a month I have it all. So if you don’t believe it could happen to you, the next time someone calls you stupid just say I know because you are it could happen to you or your kids. I’m alive today because I didnt fall for the crap of save a couple bucks a month and make you belive you lose nothing. 911 The emergency guys when you really need one is worth whatever it costs to get them there. VOIP is great it’s cheap but don’t cancel the phone company just downgrade to the most basic of services. Remember when the Electricity , The internet, The gas, all that stuff is off the phone still works and you can still get help. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid.

  64. I wish I could find 20 or 30 thousand people to lend me $50 for 3 days everyday. Trade offs Haha With skype you can still use your computer Lady you are stupid. Its a scam to get someone else rich and to get you poor

  65. I’ve had one for a few months. I figured it was going to slap spyware on my computer, so this doesn’t surprise me. Shame on me for being too lazy to read the EULA.

    In any case, I’ve got a few comments about the service…

    – It’s cheap. Practically free (thus far). This goes without saying.
    – It actually works pretty well.

    – The customer support is EXTREMELY bad to the point of scary. They do not verify *ANY* information. On several occasions, I initiated a support chat session for assistance with my voicemail. They randomly told me what my password was WITHOUT EVEN VERIFYING WHO I WAS. All they did was ask me what my email address was. Of course, in both cases, the problem was a system outage that they weren’t even aware of, but that I was able to determine in about 8 seconds (which is why I contacted them in the first place). VERY sketchy.

    My advice is to use the device as a toy for free outgoing calls, but I wouldn’t trust the company with using the incoming # as my primary one. Seriously, who cares if someone is tracking you to target ads at you? If that sort of thing bothers you, you might as well leave this country, because you’re being bombarded with that 24/7.

  66. Wow people quit complaining already. The problems I’ve read here are no different than so many other companies. Not that that makes it right, but honestly why is everyone so surprised?

    To the person who posted the contact # 281-404-1551 where did you find this on their website? I’ve looked but can’t find it.

    To the people complaining about the possibility of adware/spyware/malware problems, come back and report specifics WHEN SOMETHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS! As in, share the names of files which get loaded onto your computer, the programs it installs, you know, stuff that’s actually useful to other people and things to watch for. Enough with the speculations and worries. Bring back some actual data then we’ll talk.

    To those whose cards were prematurely charged, how naive can you be? Never place an order like this without being able to cover the cost first! Have the $ in your account, plain and simple. It’s just dumb not to.

    I don’t know if this was a change that was made, but when I made my order online, there was a checkbox to say you’re using a debit card. When this is checked a message shows up that tells you in plain English that you WILL be charged right away if using a debit card because the “free” trial period is only for credit card users. This is upfront and spelled out, so debit users, yes you will be charged $39.95 + $6.95 shipping (also shown when you order) for a total of $46.90 right after your order. You can still send the MJ back in the 30 days, but you will be charged upfront.

  67. What’s with all the people complaining and saying they have notified the BBB and the BBB’s rating is F. Not true. I just checked and the company has no unresolved or legitimate complaints filed against it at the BBB. The BBB has the company rated at C, primarily due to its short term in business. No complaints, no government complaints, no violations. None. Not one. Check your facts. I am a CISSP and have been in telecom and security for nearly 30 years. I am as suspicious as anyone and investigate everything. I still don’t trust MagicJack, but I do have one – isolated system – and it works like a champ. I have not detected any type of true malware beyond what every other ad supported COTS product does. If you have found something to the contrary, that you have actual evidence for, I would love to hear about it. But don’t give me hearsay or suspicions – hard evidence is the only thing I am interested in. So far the only hard evidence I have is that the MagicJack actually works. After another month or so of testing, I may consider dropping my premium VOIP services and adding a second MagicJack.

  68. ADWARE?? SPYWARE??? on my computer????

    if you didnt know it, a lot of that junk
    was already installed into your computer
    before you ever got to the cash register
    to for pay it …

    microsoft embeds tons non-deletable self-generating
    dat files and other OS’s that record everything
    you do on your comp, the most obvious one being NTUSER,
    let alone whats in REGEDIT …

    and thats even before your Server, or google and the NSA
    begins tracking you

    plus if you even try to alter, delete or change settings,
    you can ultimately crash and destroy your system

    more ADWARE & SPYWARE comes from programs you download
    and install yourself into your comp, including your ISP & DSL …
    as well as BroadJump, Motive, SBC Self Support, AutoLT and others

    one cant even download simple things like fonts and Windows Themes
    w/o being concerned there is some form of garbage attached to them

    and if truth were to be told …
    there are tons *benign* ADWARE & SPYWARE that infiltrates your computer
    that no amount of protection software of any kind will recognize

    given that World Governments, their Agencies, and Private Enterprise
    have all given themselves the authority and permission to track and spy
    on their citizens, it becomes the responsibility of each computer owner
    to become familiar with exactly what programs and systems should be
    and should not be in their computers … and which ones something
    can be done about

    it is esential to monitor ones computer continuously,
    by keeping track of what is showing up in ADD/REMOVE,
    Program Files, Common Files, Doc & Settings, and Temp Folders,
    especially when installing new software or exploring unfamiliar websites.

    if you see somthing that is new and unfamiliar, check out its properties
    and associations on your comp …

    if youre still not sure about it, then google the program,
    or its filename, or its properties to become informed
    as to what it is, and if its necessary and safe to remove/delete it,
    or just leave it alone

    as far as any ADWARE with MJ goes, by comparisson its just a tiny drop
    in the ocean, and is hardly worth any consideration …

    id be more upset and paranoid with Microsoft & Google’s collusion
    with Government-Spying, than i would be with MJ.

    but then on the other hand …
    this thread has been sooo amazingly entertaining
    plus it was freeeeeeee!!

    (and definitely worth more than $40.96)



  69. Yes, first off, you guys need to stop substituting MagicJack with MJ….. (your going to get a certain crown all excited…)

  70. This product should be called “crappyjack”. The material is CHEAP, plastic where there should be metal. Mine broke w/i 20 days and the customer service… there is none. They were not at all helpful nor accountable for the poor product they manufacture. NOT WORTH IT.

  71. WOW…. sounds like a lot of you jusr crawled out from under a rock. My gosh… get a life.

    I have Vonage and I now have MagicJack as well. The EULA is not much different than those used by many companies online.

    I was an ISP for many years and trust me… your ISP knows everything you are doing on your computer…. yet… I still see you are all online using your computer.

    If you dislike the ads that appear in the dialer…. simply use a computer from your boneyard instead of your mainstream computer. That is what I did…. it sits alone in a corner of my server room running my webcams and MajicJack. Any idiot knows that the phone company records every number you call and stores them in a database for 7 years.

    I suggest that MajicJack is a great service that is next-to-free and the audio quality is great if not better than my Vonage.

    I read some of your comments about problems installing and using MajicJack and all I can say is some of you probably have a VHS machine flashing 12:00 as well.

    I have never read a blog with so many paranoid people in my entire life and some of you need to get a life and then mybe you can enjoy MajicJack too.

    PS…. DONT USE YOUR CELL PHONE PARANOID PEOPLE… a digital scanner is all that is needed to listen to all your calls… and even on a landline… connect a short wave radio to your satellite receiver and point it at a Telstar satellite and you can listen in to long distance calls that everyone thinks are listen-proof….

    That should get you paranoid Americans thinking a bit I suspect. WOW… 8 years with a fool at the helm and you have ALL lost your minds.

  72. also on the web page of mj there is kow # to call someone so how do you even call them for problems

  73. Personally I went with Yahoo voice over MagicJack. For one thing, to make FREE international calls with Yahoo is so much easier, and you don’t have to buy and then send a piece of hardware to EACH and EVERY one of your foreign friends.

    With Yahoo Voice, it’s as simple as having your friends download Yahoo messenger(if they already don’t have a yahoo email). Thats it, and you can talk to ANYONE ANYWHERE for FREE.

    Otherwise if you make international calls with Yahoo to phones, the international rates are STILL CHEAPER than MagicJack.

    Calls within the US and Canada are a mere 1 cent a minute. No contract. Pay as you go.

    To get your own number, you just pay the equivalent of $2 a month or $24 a year. Cheaper than the initial first year of MagicJack. And Voicemails go right into your Yahoo email account even if your computer is off. Unlike Magicjack where your computer has to be on all the time I believe.

    In my mind Yahoo Voice wins hands down. No start up fee. Lower international rates. FREE calls with no additional hardware as long as the other person has Yahoo messenger.

    I’m sorry, you can’t beat that. Plus Yahoo Voice is Ad free.

    Anyway, thats my opinion.

  74. Go to, type in ‘magicjack’ (no quotes) in the search box, and you should find the following:


    Magic Jack LP
    PO Box 6846
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405
    Contact: Peter Russo
    Phone: (561) 594-2140

    This company’s nature of business is Internet Service Providers. BBB files give this company an F rating. The file contains a pattern of complaints from consumers who allege they were offered a free thirty-day trial period for their product. After accepting the offer consumers’ allege funds were withdrawn from their account before the end of the free thirty-day trial period. Consumers also allege experiencing difficulty in contacting the company and receiving refunds.

    The company has responded to complaints by issuing a refund however they have failed to eliminate the underlying cause of consumer complaints.

    We have received a significant number of complaints against this company. In at least some cases, the complaint allegations are serious.

    According to the BBB code of Advertising, the word “free” may be used in advertising whenever the advertiser is offering an unconditional gift. Consumers allege that after applying for the free trial, Magic Jack is immediately charging the customers accounts for the full purchase price. ”

    There you have it.

  75. I have nothing but good to say about MagicJack. This device is the cat’s meow for saving on long distance. I did not get rid of my land line, I use this for outgo calls only that were costing me before. It has paid for itself the first month! At times I run into some reception problems, but no different than a cell phone when you hit a hole and lose the person. The company did charge for the additional year I wanted and did not charge until the 30 days for the rest as promised. I do not store any information and do not use it as my primary phone. Reception has been great most of the time, and it really boils down to what you want it to do for you. I would never use it as my primary phone, there are just too many glitches for that purpose, but for all of my LD calls, this is great and will save me over $1,000 a year!

  76. Has anyone considered these points:

    1.) MagicJack claims their price will never increase but MagicJack is supported by advertising. What happens if the advertisers decide MagicJack disappear. No advertisers = no MagicJack?


    2.) While MagicJack claims that it is supported by advertising, I’ll bet there is another revenue source.

    Selling personal information (name, address, phone number) is big business. A “good” list (meaning current and with confirmed interests – websites visited, calls made would qualify) will sell for thousands of dollars.

    And it can be sold over and over.

    And, since you have a business relationship with MagicJack, MagicJack’s “business partners” are exempt from the Federal Do-Not-Call List!

    Watch for those dinner-time calls to start coming again!

  77. I have magicjunk. I wont say its good or bad really. Most of the time I have problems with it, but for 20 bucks a year, i just deal with it. The software it uses really needs to be better. I guess they just have one lone programmer in a closet somewhere writing it.
    so far, both NERO and Trillian instant messenger cause the magicjack software to flip out or restart, at least thats what I have noticed. alot of times, the phone rings, and I can hear the people but they cant hear me, so i have to hang up and call them, then its fine. I dunno what thats about. Im sure there are plenty of other applications that cause the magicjack software to flip out.
    When its works, its fine, but its not as reliable as vonage is, due to vonage relying on its own hardware and not your pc.
    Experiences will vary im sure since it does rely on a users PC, and alot of users have alot of trash in their computers.
    I guess I would be angry at it if it was my main line, but i use vonage for that. Its decent enough for a second line I guess.
    So, all in all, its not good, but its not bad, its mediocre. as far as magicjack logging phone calls, who cares, vonage does that also, i can access my whole call history through the vonage website, so big deal.

  78. I used my MagicJack once to hack the SIP credentials out of it, which I use with my linksys ATA device. 19 bucks a year for phone service, and no ads.

    I rule!!!

  79. For everyone using the magicjack. i have one of these little fukers to and i would suggest not getting one. my desktop it wouldnt work at all on. 4 hours in a chat window with someone who knew less than me about it and it still didnt work so i put it on my laptop using wifi and it worked 16% of the time. I finaly did get it working about 90% of the time but i had to use my laptop and plug my laptop directly into cable modem. so it’s pointless cause i cant use my Desktop now unless i get a hub. Oh and i failed to mention i cant use my Tivo anymore either because tivo doesnt work over Voip.

  80. I think it is hilarious how people bash such a cheap product. I’ve used it and know several people who also have it and no problems have been noticed. On top of that it’s $20 a year people. Get serious!!! Even if you use it 10 times in 365 days you still get your monies worth. I used vonage and it cost me over $250.00 for one year. Ridiculous! Aside from that I can think of many products that our fellow Americans rave about that absolutely suck but at least this won’t hurt your pocket. I think people naturally like to hate on anything that they see others enjoying. Additionally, if you can’t run a computer without conflicting programs then you shouldn’t even be commenting in this forum. The EULA talk has me rolling too. I mean we live in America people and you’re worried about an internet phone company enforcing a contract agreement that hasn’t been viewed. C’mon how many times do we enter into contracts that are way more than 20$/yr…car leases, cell phones and even mortgage loans. No wonder why our country is in debt, instead of saving money on a cheap internet phone service as an extra line in your house/apt. you bitch and complain about how the product is horrible and useless for the cause. GET REAL!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TRY IT OUT BEFORE LISTENING TO THE REAL “DUMBHEADS” BASHING SOMETHING THEY PAY LESS FOR IN ONE YEAR THAN TWO DRINKS IN A BAR!!!

  81. I have been using Magicjack for about 5 months now along with other family members ranging from Illinois to New Jersey. So far, none of us have had any issues whatsoever. Matter of fact, this is better than land line phone service. I am able to see if there is a voicemail and who left it without calling into the feature. I can also see when someone on hold hangs up while I am on the other line. As long as your computer is running great this device will too. I have had no problems with advertisements or hacking or anything. Probably the people who started these comments have not even tried this product and going by the old saying “it’s too good to be true” which is not always the case. Besides, what can you lose for $20 per year. That’s less than one full month’s service of a land line. So you do the math!!!

  82. I read the EULA, and really don’t care what they want do. As far as tracking and advertising, I can add an entry to my hosts file to block their incoming ads to the GUI interface, the same way I do with AIM (with their little annoying advertisements in their software window)or add an enty to the zone file (Internet Options, Security, Restricted Sites) if I have to. There are all kinds of ways to thwart things advertising without actually doing things that will disable the software itself.
    This looks like the same kind of advertising that Copernic uses in it’s free version of search engine software – an ad banner on the top of the sofware that changes all the time. Annoying, but not unusual. For me, if I can use it to call my wife in NY while I’m in Florida – and I can send one to my daugher in New York so she can talk to me for free – it’s worth it. Screw long distance fees.
    I also have a long time, good friend who has one now for several months that he uses when his cell phone minutes are maxing out – he says it’s good enough for his purposes – especially those long calls to tech support numbers that keep him waiting for hours. He never mentioned any ads, so they must not be too bothersome or he would have warned me.

  83. If anyone’s wondering, the reason for all the dreamy astroturfing here is because this page is high up on the googles for the term “magicjack.”

  84. I am not a techie nor am I young and use to many modern electronical devices. I have used Magic Jack for almost a year. I bought the 5 year additional plan as even if I only get a couple of years use it sure beats paying for phone service.

    I know better than to order anything on the internet without having the money in my account/budget when I place the order. For less than $100.00 I have 6 years of service. Local phone bill for basic service would be = to that amount in two months. I have a pay as you go cell phone so I probably average paying $15.00 a month for total phone service.

    I do know how to read instructions and followed those step by step when I first installed my Magic Jack. I had no problems and have been using it almost every day since then.

    Sometimes I do have a little interference but not more than on a cell phone or even some regular phones. I have even continued playing on line games while talking on Magic Jack.

    Just like anything that is new or in a beta stage there are problems and it takes time to work the bugs out. So if you are not willing to deal with the problems or bugs wait until these are corrected.

    My biggest concern is that I could not get a local area code, however my actual address does come up in the 911 box and hope that will work should an emergency ever occur.

    You are constantly being tracked on the internet so I just take that as part of modern day.

    Many senior citizens I know are finding Magic Jack very useful in reducing their budgets.

    Going to knock on wood now that I have praised my use of Magic Jack.


  85. Looked at the counter script at their front page (on 7th of October, 2008). They use the random parameter just to send request to the server, may be to spread load between several servers. Anyway, the counter value is received from the server, not from the javascript.

  86. I just thought about… What if magicJack provided an option:

    1. Pay 40$ a year and watch advertisement based on personal info


    2. Pay 100$ with no personal info exchange, no advertisement, no banners, just a phone.

    What would you choose? Are 80$ worthy for your “freedom”?

    Anyway you have to pay. If you want to be free, you loose security, if you want to fill secure, jungle is not a good place. You live in society. And you have to exchange information to live in it.

  87. Ive had magic jack for a few months and it works
    just fine. I have 3 cordless telephones that I used to use on my landline on the magic jack. I get dial tone (after a few seconds of picking up the phone) all over the house. The quality of the connections, both local and long distance, have been fine. No complaints on either side of the call. If you follow the instructions, the device
    works fine.

  88. If the only thing that bothers you is the add on the softphone, use Magicblock or magicwho (I use both)

    No more add or annoying pop-up.

    Quick search on google and you will find them

  89. I’ve had magicJack for about 7 months but only used it occasionally. A few days ago, my original VOIP adapter bit the dust, and I had no phone service whatsoever for 48 hours. Then I saw my MJ gizmo near the computer…MJ to the rescue.

    Yesterday, I cancelled my original VOIP service, as the monthly cost had more than doubled in 3 years, to a few pennies shy of $30 per month. Other than the minor inconvenience of the computer having to be ON to use the phone, I can live very happily with my $340 annual savings.

    By the way, I’ve been using computers since 1987 and have seen just about every product/service/scam out there. I really HATE when people mouth off just to hear themselves talk…and spreading paranoia and nonsense to the less savvy among us. Everybody has an opinion, but opinions should not overshadow facts.

    Gotta go…my phone’s ringing!

  90. To post 99 – user ELN1953:

    You posted you have six years of service for under $100…..well here’s my story.

    So far I have had no mechanical problems with this product. I’m enjoying the fact that I’m saving almost $500/year buy disconnecting my landline. Up until yesterday, I was very happy with the live chat/help service.

    On 11/27, when turning on my computer, the magicJack software posted an ad to extend my service five more years for $59.99, a $99.99 value. So I purchased the five year extension. After I purchased I was confused by the reading in the frequently asked question section on the website, so I conducted a live chat. I asked the rep if the five years will begin after my first year license agreement expires and he said yes and confirmed I now had paid for six years.

    However, I received an e-mail the next day to enter a code into my account to extend the license I have with magicJack. The code extended the license to 11/3/2013. That’s only an extension of four years since I had already had one year of service paid with the purchase of the magicJack.

    I chatted with two supervisors via the live chat and they would not budge even though I found the ad on 11/27 misleading and that their rep confirmed I had now paid for six years. The supervisors over and over again stated the five year platinum plan makes my license now good for a total of five years from the point of purchase.

    The Quote was, “I already told you that the 5 year plan is an extension with the 1 year service you have with us when you purchase the plan there’s an extension in yuour account for four years to make your service five years in all.” As you can tell from the beginning of that quote, the supervisor was beginning to get very course with me and later quoted, “Well I already explained it to you and yet you’re not listening. What you heard with the other rep is apparently wrong.”

    If the first year of service is free, which the supervisor stated, then the ad should have said it was a $79.96 value since four more years of $19.99 is $79.96.

    So….I’m upset and this forum allows me to vent. I felt the ad was misleading and the rep gave me wrong information.

    However, I suppose I have to look at the bigger picture: With the purchase of the product at $39.99 and the five year plan of $59.99 that’s a total of $99.98. Five years of landline service would have normally cost me approx. $2500. Thus overall, I suppose I can deal with a little bit of buyer beware advertising if I’m saving $2400 over the next five years.

    Since I have had no mechanical or software problems with this product I would still recommend this product, however be aware that the five year extension plan does not mean you paid for six years of service (the initial year plus 5). It’s for five years of service…as of 11/08 would expire 11/13.

  91. The device works perfectly, Not a single issue…I would encourage anyone to try this and forget about the hype your reading here as im sure most of these people still believe 911 was an inside job.

  92. Oops ???
    Maybe this is an oops, maybe not. I first saw the MJ add yesterday. I have pretty poor cell phone reception in my apartment and don’t have a land-line. So I thought “Why not try it?”.

    Today I started looking for a really small telephone so that I can take it with me when I travel. And then I found this blog.

    Sure enough there is a charge PENDING on my credit card already. It posted with yesterdays date.

    But it also posted as “MAGICJACK 561-594-2140”.

    I plan on watching this and if it goes from “pending” to an actual charge I will call my bank and immediately DISPUTE the charge. And yes, “false advertising” gets my shorts all twisted.

    I’ll let my BANK chase down the business if they want to. And since they said it wouldn’t ship for a week or two, they’ll have time to stop the shipment.

    I may never know if the darned thing works or not. As a customer, I just can’t tolerate being lied to. [And there is a long list of companies I no longer do business with because of it.]

    Just venting over “My Bad” impulse buy.

  93. Hello, all I’ve used the Magic Jack now for about 5 months now with no issues what so ever. I’m up here in beautiful, BC Canada.

    I’d like it a bit better if I could get a local area code, but who knows perhaps it’ll come soon.

    What I would like to read more about in the discussion is what’s going on with the MJ overseas.

    In other words, what are some examples of successes and failures with the unit, calling back to North America.

    I will certainly return to see if we get any good responses. Thanks a lot.

  94. I got m MJ 2 weeks ago and now I wish I could cancel my vonage, The quality is great and I got to choose a California area code so my friends can call me in Texas. I will get another one when they get an area code for South Texas.

    As I had no problems and it worked right out of the box, I really can’t understand what the complaining is all about.

  95. It requires a little more gentle handling than Vonage. It’s not something I’d necessarily just hand over to my mom without a word. I’d want to hook it up myself and get the sucker going before I left her alone with it.

    Having said that…the price is simply unbeatable. Period.

    The website could have flashing HTML and I wouldn’t care about that; the product works for what I need, and I couldn’t give a crap if they are serving ads.

  96. Yes, I agree the MagicJack is a crappy device to install in you system and their software DOES hijack your computer but unlimited calls for $19.99 per year!!! I just got a Duron system out of the trash and installed the MagicJack on that. No personal info on that system and they can send all the ads they want, the computer doesn’t even have a screen! Just DO NOT put the MagicHijack on your main machine!!! As for tracing your calls I really couldn’t care less. I call my friends and family. If you want cheap phone service you have to deal with a little direct marketing. Kinda like commercials during TV shows. I got direct marketing calls on my land line ten times a day, I don’t get that with MagicJack (yet). I get great call quality but about 1 in 10 calls does not go through right. This is on par with my cell service. It is a system hog so if you are having problems, get a beefier computer with the latest release of XP. Older Windows WILL NOT work.

  97. Their BBB rating changed to “unrated” (NR) a month ago as they have made some changes and are working with the BBB. From the BBB site:

    On November 25, 2008 the BBB met with representatives of Magic Jack to discuss various options to eliminate the cause and pattern of complaints filed by consumers. After discussion with the BBB MagicJack agreed to modify their website to clarify the terms an conditions of their 30 Day Free Trial offer. The Bureau also received a commitment from Dan Borislow, the president of Magic Jack, to provide improved customer service and a more “user friendly” product. The BBB has agreed to place Magic Jack on an NR status pending an evaluation of the changes made by the company.
    The following grid displays the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:

    No. of Cmpl Type of Response
    371 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
    12 Making a partial refund
    509 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
    0 Refusing to make an adjustment
    0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
    0 Unanswered
    2 Unassigned
    894 Total

  98. I have the magicJack device for about 7 months now. For the most part it works fine. The one thing I see that can affect it is if the internet connection slows down considerably. Then the quality of the call can be affected. Also from time to time I have to call a number more than once. But for the most part the device works okay. Its saving me money and so far I can’t see any damage that this device can cause me. MagicJack works. If they are going to make me look at ads in the future then I’ll deal with that if and when it happens. So far I’m saving about $30 a month on my phone bill. Thats $210 so far in 7 short months! Thats not bad! My PC still works okay. The amount of times the calls get crappy due to my internet provider is minimal. I don’t download or upload when I know I’ll be making calls. If I have to make a call during a download then I pause the download, make the call and then finish off downloading. A simple thing to do that keeps the call quality up when a download is taking place. It was the same thing when I was using Vonage and Earthlink VOIP services. However, with Vonage or Earthlink I had the ability to change the size of the pipe so that I could improve call quality with a simple change from my keyboard. Something I don’t think majicJack allows me to do. Bottom line: even if the magicJack device lasted for only 1 year, that would amounmt to about $360 in savings. Well below the cost of the device for a single year. Whats to cry about? PS: it takes magicjack about 1 minute for you to receive your new phone number. Someone posted that they had to wait up to 4 weeks. Thats simply not so.

  99. It cracks me up to see so many complaints about the magicJack. It’s simple, if you have no idea how to operate a computer, have an old/slow computer, have no idea how to maintain a fast running STABLE computer that isn’t full of junk (viruses, spyware, etc), or if you have unreliable/slow internet, you might have issues with the magicJack. I guarantee the majority of complaints I’ve read are from users who have absolutely no clue how to operate a computer, other than knowing how to plug something into it.

    I’ve been using the magicJack for quite a while now and it’s saved me quite a bit of cash! It works without issue on all 3 of my computers.

    Thumbs Up for magicJack!

  100. MarigJack rocks! other are just angry because they are ignorant about computers. But if you just know a bit about computers, you can really tell that magicJack is really an easy to use device. Maybe your computer is the problem. MagicJack is the best savings I ever had! I hope more people will be blessed with magicJack.

  101. Hello all I just want to let everyone know that after reading what everyone had to say in this dicussion I purchased a magic jack today. I live in japan and was able to purchase it right on base. I will say the initial setup was a bit frustrating but after 20 minutes I realized I had to download the upgrade and it worked without any problem. I called the states and it was very clear and worked like a charm. I would say if your living overseas and want to save some money its a good investment instead of purchasing Vonage and paying $40 a month. Thanks.

  102. I have been a magicjack user since approx. the middle or late June,2008. Until recently, week of Jan.12, the device worked fine using an old style phone, push button, not dial; never tried it with a cell phone or laptop speakers and microphone…do not have a microphone.
    Presently, the device will allow me to call out however, I cannot communicate over the telephone
    (talk out) although I can hear the personI called over the speakers on my laptop. I have tried everthing relavant in their in knowledge base to
    no avail. When I click on MENU on the softphone
    and subsequently “voice” I cannot toggle between
    telephone and microphone, the circle with the dot in it is stuck on microphone. Three times I have
    attempted to tech chat. These people simply recommend what I have allready tried from their
    knowledge base. Can anyone help????

  103. Jayare, I have heard of isp’s blocking rtp traffic this could be the reason that they can not hear you but you can connect, although just because you are dialing or hear a dial tone does not mean that you have connected to the MJ server. The tone is generated by the device locally most likely. Also if you are using a computer that is connected to a broadband modem that also is used for VoIP from your isp, it could be stopping SIP (which I’m guessing MJ uses). If you have a router that you can log into you may want to see if you can initiate qos for sip and rtp traffic (qos can prioritize what type of info is sent from your computer) and if the problem is only with people hearing you and not them it may be that you just don’t have enough upload bandwidth.

  104. Anonymous, your Post#119 suggests you have missed my point which is: (1) I cannot toggle between telephone and headset/other after clicking on Menu on the softphone. The dot in the circle is permently set in the circle for headset/other. This could be a registry hack or beyond my knowledge???? (2) I have a dial tone at all times on my telephone and can dial a number on my telephone or on magicjack’s softphone however, when the call is answered I can only hear the call recipiant over my laptop speakers my telephone goes completely dead. (3) I am unfamiliar with your abbreviations “rtp traffic” and “sip blocking”. (4) I spent 6-8hours on 01-19-2009 having an on-line written chat with customer
    service at magicjack. I talked with Irish, Stella, Brandon, Francine, Crissa, George, and Lacey. And on 01/20/2009 I continued the chat with
    Clifford, and Elle. Elle has agreed to send me a
    replacement device (magicjack) I am standing-by…
    wish me luck!!!!

  105. Ryder: Hello, how may I help you?

    Ryder: Hi

    :I want to see the EULA. Cant seem to find it on you site.

    Ryder: EULA is a satellite internet provider right?

    : end-user license agreement

    Ryder: Okay, I see.

    : So you people dont even know what EULA is?

    : Never mind I see why the Better Business Burea has so many bad report on MJ

    Ryder: Because in magicJack is doesn’t have a license agreement since this is a open contract service

    Ryder: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

    : Well you need to go read this

    Ryder: magicJack is a free service that’s why EULA is not a word for magicJack.

    Ryder: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

    : This is MJ EULA

    Ryder: Thank you for stopping by to chat, I hope I did a good job at addressing your concerns. Please take a second to answer a one question survey about the service I provided. Please click the “close” button on the top right of this screen and the survey will appear. Thanks again!

    Chat InformationChat session has been terminated by the site operator.

    And they just left.

  106. As to bank accounts being charged, that is how your bank handles holds. One bank I had an account at put a hold as a charge against the balance, the bank I am at now shows the full balance (with the held amount) and available balance (with holds and uncleared charges subtracted).

    As to the MJ suddenly stop working, I had a bit of a time getting it going under Vista, then it stopped working for a day. Next day it did work with the new MJ update for Vista. I think most problems with sudden failure to operate are tied to Windows updates and there is a bit of a lag in MJ’s software updates to work around the “upgrades” and “added features”.

  107. I’ve been going back& forth on whether to try MagicJack and eventually decided not to (and go with Skype instead). This review also helped a lot with that choice:

    MagicJack vs. Vonage vs. Skype

    That article isn’t as harsh in its view of MJ as this post is. But it does point out some of the same flaws. Putting software on your computer that spies on you just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  108. I just recently install magicJack and although I haven’t used it for that long it seems to performed OK (not perfect). My major complaints are; when I unplug it my system crashes, tech support is really pretty poor, their website is just a big ad, and that there is no way to tell if one has the latest release of software (at what fixes or chages are in it) other than to download it and look at the revision date.

    When I contacted tech support about the crashes they told me that to resolve the problem I either need to uninstall Roxio and Nero because these products were incompatible with MJ or turn off my firewall. I pointed out the both of these products have been around for a lot longer than MJ and it was MJ that had the compatibility problem and either uninstalling them or turning off my firewall was not a solution.

    Furthermore, on no less than 3 occasions, when I challenged them (nicely) on their responses I was disconnected from the chat leading me to believe that either they don’t have answers to my questions or don’t like their responses to be challenged.

    I’d like to keep the device as it does save me money. As someone else mentioned previously, the best solution may be to install it on a small dedicated system to avoid all of the negatives that are mentioned in this blog.

  109. Man, if you people think you’re currently living in a spy-free world, you’re more ignorant than you sound on paper.

    MagicJack is practically free, so they spy on you for advertising (can you say GOOGLE!!)…big effin’ deal!!

    You know who else spies on you, the US government records all phone call AND emails…ALL OF THEM, EVERY LAST ONE!!

    So seriously, crying about privacy is so very 1990 (back when we had some left)…
    even Diskeeper spys on you these days, and they do it for the most malevolent purposes:


    So go smash your computers, your iPhones and your televisions…
    then movie out to the country, that’s where you’ll find privacy.

    If you really care that much.

  110. @43
    “m bck gn t sy my mgcjck s wrkng gd.”

    I think you meant to say:
    “m bck gn t sy my mgcjck s wrkng wll.”

    Seriously though, the comments on here are wonderfull. I hope to one day get a job as a corporate shill. It looks like fun. @127 seems to have found the perfect mix of condescending and crazy. It is wonderful. Who do I hand my resume to?

  111. I’ve had the MagicJack for a few weeks now and so far so good. I am living abroad and only connect it when I have to make outgoing calls to the US.

    After reading all of the reviews on this site as well as others, I now have a few concerns:

    Excuse my stupidity – I am very “low-tech” but:

    – has anyone else had any problems with their cc in regards to the payment besides the person who didn’t have enough $ in their account to cover the costs in the first place??? I’ve read other reviews where there’s been quite a few unauthorized purchases from “samsonite”.. or could this just be a coincidence or bad luck on their end? My sister purchased it so should she call her cc co. with the heads up for fraud alert..

    – MagicJack is a fairly new product so I wanted to know if they AUTOMATICALLY renew your service for the additional 4 years thereafter? I am moving back to the US in a few months so I definitely don’t want to renew. I would rather cancel my cc then have to deal with trying to get a refund. I’ve only read one or two comments about renewing..

    – this whole spyware.. I don’t care about the ads. It’s true. it should be a given that it happens.. However will all of this hoopla about it – it got my paranoia running — will it access my “secured info” like when I’m checking out online bank statements or cc information? Is MagicJack checking out what I’m surfing even when it’s not connected?

    – is trying to “uninstall” MagicJack really as hard as people say it is?

    I would really appreciate answers from those who aren’t so jaded from the product..

  112. I have been reading the various blogs about this product to see if it is something I want to purchase. A major complaint across the board (even those who like the product) is that they have no phone for customer support – only an “online-chat” rep. Does anybody out there besides me see the irony of this? Why would I want to buy a product that the company doesn’t even use themselves? Get real. If they can chat – they have a computer and internet. Plug in the MagicJack and PRESTO! they have a phone to support their customers! It seems a bit shady to me. I have decided not to buy their product.

  113. We bought the Magic Jack after our land line quit letting us dial out of the country when the ice storm this past winter knocked out the service all together! The phone company acknowledged that there was some problem. We heard about Magic Jack, paid CASH, brought it home, plugged it in, UPDATED it and have NO problem other than if we lose our ISP servie and yes, that can and does happen. I haven’t had any problem with it whatsoever. It does what it is supposed to!

  114. No problem with the billing, saw the hold properly posted to my account and withdrawn on correct date. Worked fine while traveling in Hong Kong, made calls back to states without problem. Only difficulty noted was while in Belgium using wireless connection with others in hotel using Skype competing for the bandwidth, calls were dropped. So far stateside use OK.

  115. My Magic Jack is awesome, I bought it at Radio Shack instead of online why? because there was a few people complaining about it and I didn’t want to wait for it or have the problems people were complaining about slow refunds also I know Radio Shack would refund my money the same day if I took it back if I didn‘t like it, and as the old saying goes if it is to good to be true then generally it is but not this time, Magic Jack works great! I had no problems installing it on my laptop which is on my wireless network, I have a Pentium 4 and DLS, the voice quality is outstanding just like my landline, I read people were complaining the can’t use their computer because it slowed them down and uses all their system resources when using the phone not true they must have an old 486 or a Pentium 133 from back in 1995, or that they use too much power leaving the computer on all the time just to use the phone well a CPU doesn’t use that much power, just turn off the monitor when not using computer that is what uses a lot of power like a TV set, the only thing that might not be so good is no phone number. to customer support but everything or possible problems is covered in help which very easy to use, seriously even a 8 year old could set this up. You get caller ID, call forward, call waiting, conference calling more than 3 people !, free information 411, voice mail, etc and it is all free!!! I personally would keep your landline incase of power outage Magic Jack has 911 service but it wont work if computer is off for any reason. all long distance is free in the U.S. and Canada even over seas if your calling someone in the U.S or Canada !

    $19.99 per year If you look at it this way it is only $1.66 a month or $59.99 for 5 years service that is .99 per month for an extra phone line and phone number give one to your teens for there room or even laptop and buy them a small phone to pack with them so you can call them, save money traveling most motels and hotels provide free internet save on long distance calls and per call local charges to your room, use it at Libraries, parks, coffee shops, airports etc that have WiFi connections, it can be used in any computer so if you don’t have a laptop and visiting family that does just take your phone and Magic Jack with ya use the computer, give it to family as a gift or kids in college or moved out of state,

    I know I am sounding like a salesman for Magic Jack but I am not, it is a good product that s saving me money and added convenience. Like I said buy it at Radio Shack you’ll get a 30 day free trial, if you don’t like it just take it back to them for a full refund, what do you have to lose other than your time driving back to the store.

    Also if your to big of a wiener to get it working yourself have one of your children do it for you or get a neighbor’s grade school child to help you and give them 5 bucks for it.

    P.S. also for the people complaining about no phone support when they have chat support, how do you think they keep cost down if they had to hire hundreds of people to train and take those calls or outsource it to a call center the product would cost hellofa lot more than $19.99 a year but in the future it could happen.

  116. This thread might be aging quickly, and I only read through about 6 months worth… but I think I may have resolve for some and just common-sense for others.

    MagicJack may not be the next best thing since sliced bread, but for some, it might turn out to be hundreds of dollars in yearly savings, so we had to investigate.

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time putting this together, so for those who are not here looking for a way just to spew complaints, fire off accusations or simply show a lack of IQ testing, the rest of society who wants to look into this device OR who already has it and is having troubles, go here:



  117. I went in to radioshack and paid 39.95 or close to that it took me all of five min to install and has worked fine sent one to my girl in england and she seems to scared to use it o well it takes all types

  118. I am not a customer of MagicJack. However, I have the latest information from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) web site (

    MagicJack has a current rating of A-. They are also considered to be a BBB Accredited Business. This means that BBB has determined that the business meets accreditation standards which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB accredited businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public. BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

    Also, on April 15, 2009, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that his Economic Crimes Division has reached a settlement with a Palm Beach County business (MagicJack) over allegations the company marketed a “free” 30-day trial for its long distance phone equipment, but actually charged and debited consumers during the trial. MagicJack, LP markets MagicJack a phone service product which connects a household phone to a computer, allowing consumers to make unlimited long distance calls over the internet.
    The investigation into the company’s practices began in July 2008 after the Attorney General’s Office received numerous complaints about the supposed “free” trial. Consumers reported that although the company advertised the 30-day free trial offer, customers were allegedly still being billed during the trial period. The investigation further determined that the product had limitations which were not properly disclosed and that the company had a lack of sufficient customer service to address consumer complaints.
    As part of the settlement, the company has agreed to implement various new practices to assist its customers, including a guarantee that all inquires will be responded to within 24 business hours and a disclaimer on the first page of its website clarifying the eligibility requirements to participate in a free trial offer. The company will also reimburse the state for the costs associated with the investigation and has fully resolved over 500 customer complaints. MagicJack, LP cooperated fully with the Attorney General’s investigation and has resolved over 500 consumer complaints since the investigation began.

  119. You have got to be working with a phone company not to like the magicJack. They are the only ones who would not want you to use the MagicJack!!!! I am saving over $1600.00 using my MagicJack. I have the next 6 years of phone service for a total cost of $106.96 and that is total people no other charges. I run a small business from my home and make tons of long distance calls. The other service I was using cost me $24.99 plus tax a month (24.99 per month for 6 years is 1799.28) and I still was charged for some of my calls. When I need to travel I take my lap top and use my MagicJack from my hotel room. No more do I need to have my calls forwarded to my cell phone. That saves my on my cell phone plan. Now I only need 700 minutes a month (cell phone plan) that is saving me over $35.00 a month. (35 per month for 6 years $2520.00)
    Now let me think only someone who has money to burn would complain about MagicJack. I will be using the money I save to pay other bills, put gas in my truck, and food on the table for my kids. In this economy we need more companies to save us money like MagicJack is saving me.

    THANK YOU MAJICJACK to putting 59.99 and more back into my budget!!!

  120. For what it’s worth, I don’t see a lot of EULAs these days which aren’t excessively and gratuitously rude.

    I’m currently playing with the MagicJack. Since I didn’t even try to use the free-trial period, there’s no concern about how well or poorly they administer that — at $40, I consider it just about disposable if it doesn’t work out.

    It didn’t install completely trivially — I did have to have just enough of a brain to realize that it hadn’t autostarted install from its virtual CD and kick that off manually. (May be my fault; I normally don’t let things autostart.) After that, installation was painless, and use has been painless. It’s not quite grandmother-friendly. But it’s probably about as close to that as most PC products ever come.

    I don’t particularly care if they throw a few ads on my screen — the widget will be running on a server anyway — as long as they don’t force me to look or listen. If they do, they’re gone. If they start presuming on the business relationship as an excuse to bypass the do-not-call list, they’re gone.

    They certainly don’t promise QOS — as they say, they’re an Internet service, not a telecom service, which means they get out of having to charge you additional fees but also means they get out of having to make more than best-reasonable-effort to deliver a stable connection. So far, no problems, but I wouldn’t rely on it for anything critical. Don’t bet on it being up when you want to call 911; have a backup plan. (Cellular, landline, running outside and screaming…)

    There may indeed be privacy questions. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m concerned about that.

    They’re promising Linux support; we’ll see what happens.

    At the moment I’m considering it a toy, and a chance to play with VOIP-to-POTS at a fairly low investment and without being tied to the PC mike and speakers. It does the “behaves like a phone” thing pretty well, and sound quality is adequate — at least comparable to cellular, possibly better, though I’ve occasionally heard a glitch or two.

    There is some evidence that _something_ on this machine is leaking memory, but I’m not yet convinced it’s the mJ application; I’ve made other changes recently. We’ll see.

    I haven’t wanted to go all-cellular, as some friends have done — but a mixture of cellular and cheap VOIP might suit my needs.

    And if not, I’ll have gotten some entertainment out of it. Probably enough to justify the $40 investment.

    Sure, I’d rather go with a company that already has a reputation I know and trust. But those aren’t going to put themselves down in this kind of price bracket; they’re mostly charging about what telco charges, with minor pricing/bundling variations as they jockey for position. If you want a paradigm shift, you’re sorta stuck with looking for the folks who are hungriest.

  121. Oh no! Ads! Like there aren’t half a dozen on this page alone.

    It’s cheap, It works perfectly, It saves me money. BTW, there are only two ads that I’ve ever seen on the MJ window. They’re both for other MJ services. You guys are so paranoid about Magic Jack that you’ll believe anything you hear. If you’re not a dummy and you know how to keep your computer clean, then MJ is perfect for you. If you don’t know and you get pop-ups and such, this is clearly too advanced for you.

    Everything you need to take care of any spy issues is free out there on the internet. It’s not our fault you’re too dumb to seek them out and run them correctly. But MJ is not responsible for it. Crapware was there before you got MJ and if you allow it, it will be there after you install MJ.

    Occasionally, some things are too good to be true, but they’re true nonetheless.

  122. I bought the magicjack at Walmart and have to say it worked fairly well, breaking up at times but not really bad. I do not like that they the fact they do not have a local number for me. In reading these comments I seen no one answered # 129 about putting credit card and banking info into a computer with Magicjack. Should I uninstall Magicjack on my main computer and use something such as a thinclient to run Magicjack and if so how do I completely uninstall Magicjack from my main computer?

  123. Kudos to all cheap folk trying to save a buck. I happened to read the eula, didn’t agree to it, notified MagicCrap immediately and they refused/failed to refund my money (still fighting on principal).

    I’ll pay $20/month to Vonage if they can stick around. Cool device though. I suggested it to Vonage back when I found their headphone usb device. Needed a standard phone jack for cordless. Hmm…

  124. I bought MagicJack awhile back and havn’t really had a problem with it. Until, I used a proxy server which downloaded a Trojan onto the registry. Now every time I have MJ loaded, an unwanted sexual advertisement appears where the normal MJ advertisements do. Quite frustrating really, considering it causes an error every time the ad “changes”.

    Other than that, I don’t suspect MJ to be key logging anyone or purposefully infecting people’s computers. With a fast connection, and the knowledge to spot and deal with any potential threats, MJ is a good product.

    I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

    My only warning is that it doesn’t come with an uninstaller, so you have to do it manually which can be a pain in the butt. Going into the registry and stuff. But for only 20 bucks a year..I’ll deal with a few frustrations. Maybe that was the whole idea in the first place.

    BTW, You’re crazy if you think that your phone calls through the cable or phone companies aren’t being spied on. I saw someone mention the “Patriot” Act. That’s the biggest slap to the face of every American ever by taking away our Constitutional rights. If we don’t want our phone calls to be tapped into for advertisement or whatever, we need to have a REVOLUTION! Until then, I’m going to get the same service as everyone else for cheaper.

  125. I have the Magicjack, and it works fine for me. I only have AT&T DSL, lowest speed, and when there is a data transfer going on, I get chopped words/conversation as several people point out.
    Several problems people pointed out, that I didn’t see as a problem –
    1. Their area code wasn’t available – SO? I got a phone number for Orlando Fl – I tell everyone I’m at DisneyWorld! Now my home area code is available, but what difference does it make? If someone is calling you, are you sure it won’t be a long distance call to them regardless of your and their area code?
    2. Ads? It only flashes on the MJ screen – minimize it. Who cares?
    3. EULA – the phrase I don’t like in the EULA, is regardless of how long I signed up for my plan – 1 year, 5 years, etc. The EULA says they can cancel at any time. Assume this is to cover them if they ever go bankrupt.
    4. I don’t use a dedicated computer, but one minimally used, and start stop MJ as needed. I don’t use it as my primary line, that’s my cell.
    5. Really, there isn’t much to a MJ, all it has is a little code for the software, and converts the USB to a RJ-11 jack. It needs to download newer versions of SW from the MJ website. If you don’t do that, you’ll have problems. Run the MJ fix.

    Will it ever replace AT&T, NOPE! If you expect to play WOW and talk on the MJ phone, it may work, but I wouldn’t plan on it. Overall, it does what it says, and inexpensively. I like how I can take it with me when I travel as someone else pointed out, and call anywhere without paying Long Distance. I used Skype for a while, and MJ works just as well.

    Personally, if you want to see if MJ will work for you, get Skype, try it for a month. If Skype works the way you want to use MJ, then MJ probably will work for you. It will probably be cheaper, because it pays for the cost you pay for Skype with those Ads MJ has to annoy you.

  126. I’m glad to see so many people actually hate the product. I was doing a search for magicjack to get details to consider using it myself, and found the name Dan Borislow. I immediately recognized the name as one of my ex-clients. One of very few people I will never deal with again.

    Throughout an install he was acting like a complete jerk to myself and the technician with me. Later in the day, I was talking on the phone with his wife, who I met earlier, to ask her how she would like something installed in the house, and he pulled the phone out of my hand, hung up on her while she was mid-sentence, and just said “do whatever you think will look best.” I finished the job that day, and when he called us to do more work for them, I ignored the call. Then two days later, his wife called, and I explained how we would not do work for them again, essentially because he was an ass, to which she apologized for him. We never went back there to do more work for him. My favorite part is him buying a Ford F650 with mileage in the low teens when Diesel crossed the $5/gallon mark to drive from Palm Beach, FL back to Brigantine, NJ. (1000 Miles +)

    Everyone at our company felt really bad for his wife and daughter for having to deal with them… it really is unfortunate, they were both VERY nice. They’d have to be to tolerate them. Oh well, its unfair that assholes like him end up with tons of money, but I guess thats life.

  127. Whats the point,,,,Everyone is getting hacked. If you have a dedicated IP, your’e busted, your identity is open to all. Uncle Sam is watchin you more than you know,,,, I SEEE U NOW!!!! Google does it with you email,,,MSN does it,,, AOL,,, How many times do you think your emails are snooped before they reach their destination? If you want privacy,,,,,It just not there unless you are using secured scrambled communications on dead secure networks…Welcome to AMERICA Fellows.

  128. Truthfully, I don’t know what the big deal is anyways. Everyone here spends roughly around 40 dollars to go out to eat in a single weekend which eventually gets thrown in the toilet the next day due to human nature. As to the spying on by the adds and analyzing numbers for personal information, Well the government does that anyhow through cell phones, house phones, internet, cameras at your local grocery store and even ATM’s. The government knows your every move no matter what you do, and it’s our own fault as Americans for giving them that power. If anyone knows their history here, you would know that the government was intended to be run by the people, not the other way around. And for those hyping about forty dollars and complaining to your congressman and calling Lawyers, Have fun. Your going to spend tn times more in small claims court over court costs and lawyer fees, and for what? A weekends worth of food? Please, give me a break. Some people here have no common sense and it is what most people of this great nation have come to. You need to start taking responsibility for your own actions instead of passing the blame on a piece of technology that is bound to mess up anyway. No technology is perfect and everyone in their right mind SHOULD know that by now. I for one will give it a try and if it doesn’t work properly, then oh well. You live and you learn. At least it didn’t cost you and arm, a leg, and your first born child. It’s 40 bucks people! Homeless people make more than that in a day just begging, for crying out loud. So unless you are a homeless deviate, Stop your bitching over forty dollars. ((And just in case you were going to post some rich comment about my post, I only make around 17,000 a year and provide for a family of three, So I’m not saying this because I’m rich or well off, but I would risk 40 dollars in order to save 1,000’s of dollars using this, rather than AT&T which costs me 50/month. All of you here waste more money than that at a casino and get nothing in the end. So be realistic and use the brain that God gave mankind, for crying out loud.)

  129. It is definitely adware. But the nice thing about adware is that there’s already lots of people working on cracking the software to remove or block the ads. They may require you to download the ads, but that does not mean you have to display them on your screen. Give it a few months and you’ll be able to replace the software with an adware free ++ version.

  130. I would just like to say to all the ones who left negative comments about the mj.I think it is a good product for the money you are paying.Come on how can you beat $19 a year for telephone service and that also includes Voip service.Where can you get that type of service for so little,Yes? it has a few flaws and sometimes you have to reset the unit but,I have been using it for over a year now,i was introduced to the mj before it was even published on PC Magazine so all you loosers out there who think it is some sort of hackin device let me tell you,i have no such problems.If you don’t like it go spend your money and buy some other phone service and be prepared to pay $$$ for it.”good luck” The problem with the world today is people are getting access to so many things so quickly that they are very spoiled or rotten spoiled that they want everything to work right at their fingertips,and let me close by saying “THE MJ IS A GOOD PRODUCT FOR THE PRICE & IT DOES WORK WITHOUT ALL THE BU@* Sh#@ hackin device as some of you suggest it is. Thank You

  131. SirLOL Says: Alot of good comments here, even if they get ripped or editied. Its worth the read on general info and statistics. We have flagulantcrap atm and it seems to work ok. I have removed any viable info accesable to me via the wife as effective today.

    I will save this webpage for a good read or reference in my family folder. So if I ever die, people can see what my heart was and how far I went at securing us. Peace out.

    Power To the People

    God Bless America
    (National Languge should be Native American, and not any other.)

  132. I like it. Works great for me. I need to get an opensource Astrik server up and port Magic jack to it.

  133. Well I have news for everyone as well,

    This web site uses cookies as well and has it’s own policies but they can also see what’s on your computer’s history of where you’ve been or not if they wanted to as well regardless of policies. Do they though? Does Magic Jack actually really spy on people just because they wish to be held harmless when going into business with a product that clearly works as they say it does in most cases.

    As far as repairing computers, I’m Dell certified, went to college for my computer science degrees and journalism, cultural anthropology, marketing but did so by repairing computers for people until they decided their older systems weren’t worth picking up and not paying the tab they owed.

    I’ve repaired thousands of computers for Dell and other companies and would never tell the person to take out their programs first before I repair it but rather I would try to make it work for them first and then if the program is the problem let them know and give advice as to how to fix it, not sit there and tell them what fools they are for using a product they “CHOOSE” to use themselves and are responsible adults who are responsible for their own actions and well aware of that fact.

    What a shpeeell, I got real news, the government can hack into anyone they want anyway regardless and every single phone call made is recorded and held in a national database for ten years so calls can be subpenaed later on by judges, or victims of harrassment who take people to court who they catch harrassing them especially where a police report is involved and the call is necessary to prove the case.

    The only real protection is to learn how to surf anonymously or use a Linux server for a firewall on the internet. Then you can control and keep out everyone including the government, for the most part anyway.

    Phil A.
    A true member of the Elwood Club Society for the mentally unchallengable.

  134. Have mj over a year. Certain parts of home phone has loud buzzing can’t here other’s on the phone. Can’t call custermer services have to use chat line, a phone company and you have to us a chat line. You have to leave you computer on all the time to keep or to make calls.Can’t get a prefix for my hometown which is the 3rd largest city in Oklahoma, people across the street have to call me long distance, havn’t yet solve any issue’s through custumer service, have to go through they’er procedures which can take up to 6 hours, yes 6 hours I spent on the chat line with them, now have issue’s with trying to cancle my old crediet card, they don’t won’t to do it, they want to just let you add a new one, sorry service, phone cuts of in middle of conversation, but for 20.00 dollars a month they got everyelse beat so far. Can’t find address to the company either. How about that pro MagicJack lovers!

  135. For what it’s worth, the latest upgrade of the MJ software (a few weeks ago, so it may not actually be the most recent possible) seems to have completely solved my call quality problems.

    I’m right on the edge of plunking the money down for a 5-year subscription, and another $150 or so to get both this and my cellular phone linked into the house phone wiring, and drop the landline. Or more accurately, drop the landline phone account but keep the data connection. When MagicJack announces that I can move my existing number to their service (something they can’t yet offer), I’ll probably go for it.

  136. E esta mostra tinha retratado a canção de natal Carol Burnett dvd como muito um anfitrião. O prendedor verdadeiro � poder possuir um artigo de Tiffany sem ter que pagar o pre�o por Tiffany’ S. As diferen�as que s�o muito minuciosas, n�o s�o observadas facilmente pelo olho despido e podem muito jorrar passagem fora para uma parte aut�ntica.

  137. I’ve had nothing but good luck with MJ. I’ve had it for over 6 months now, without any problems. Initially though, I had to update a few of my drivers on my computer. After that, magic jack was working great, and has been even since.

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