Psystar OpenMac monstrosities run OS X


There's a certain demographic of PC user — the sort of guy who likes digging in the intertwined morass of computer drivers and hardware like a neuro-surgeon, his hands pushed up to the elbows in the pulsating effluvia of a patient's brainpan — who chalks up Apple's success entirely to aesthetic superficiality. To him, the average Mac fan is a foppish milquetoast too engorged from the huffing of Steve Jobs' perfumed rectum to see a computer as something more powerful and important than a mere fashion accessory.

These guys have a point. Style is definitely part of it. As a Mac-user, the fusion between OS X's lithe grace and the svelte flash of the computer itself a big part of the appeal. And I'm willing to pay premium for that. Call me shallow, but a pretty computer is simply more pleasant to use than an ugly one. That's why I don't personally brook the numerous Hackintosh projects, aimed at installing Leopard on PCs: no, I'm sorry, but a genius supermodel — her head opened, her brain meats slopped into the prepared vacuous skull of a gaseous manatee — is not quite as fuckable.

Interestingly, a company called Psystar is now trying to traffic that manatee with their OpenMac Apple clone computers. For $400, you get a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo E4500 processor, 2GB of memory, integrated GMA 950 graphics, a 250GB hard drive and 20x DVD burner. For another $150, they'll install Leopard on the computer for you with the assistance of an EFI V8 Emulator. In short, they are selling Hackintoshes. Fat, ugly, decidedly awful looking Hackintoshes, but Hackintoshes all the same.

It's hard to imagine who these computers are aimed at. People who make their decisions purely by spec don't buy Macs. And you don't need to be a dedicated huffer to know that Apple's not going to like this: the Leopard EULA clearly forbids installing the OS on non-Apple computers, and Jobs himself axed official Mac clones when he returned to the company. Better hump the sea cow before the C&D, boys and girls.

Psystar OpenMac OSx86: Re-Inventing the Wheel [Psystar, via MacRumors]

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