Reminder: Electro-Selectro wants your love


When Joel and Rob and I meet at the Korova Milk Bar for some milk plus or synehemesc or drencrom or whatever it is we're washing down the ultra-violence with that night, our discussion — as it often does — turns away from the topic of miniature bowler hats and Beethoven and instead meanders over to our third favorite topic: the Boing Boing Gadgets Flickr pools.

Are you familiar with them? You should be. Have you ever inserted your ovipositor into our Flickr's welcoming moistness and evacuated your PNGs? You should. Here are our pools:

Electro Selectro — Vintage ads and inserts from the far flung, four-color past!

In The Year 2000 — Our Retro-Futurism Pool asks the timeless question, first put forth by Descartes: "What if Cave Men Invented Ray Guns?"

Boing Boing Gadgets — The flotsam and the jetsam of BBG's Flickr pools. Anything cool and remotely gadget related goes in here if it doesn't fall into the other two categories.

This week, we'd like to encourage you — o, our special little droogies — to check out Electro-Selectro. It doesn't get enough love. Join! Upload images! Comment! As you surf Electro-Selectro, you will viddy yourself very clear, running and running on like very light and mysterious feet, carving the whole face of the creeching world with your cut throat britva. You will be cured all right.

At the end of the week, we'll post the best image uploaded to Electro-Selectro, accompanied by a perverse and profane caption, translated into Nadsat and neatly laid out in a sinister-looking Helvetica font. Hope to see you there.

Electro Selectro [Flickr]

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