Blue Jeans Cable responds to Monster Cable cease-and-desist with Hundred Hand Slap

Overpriced interconnect bastards Monster Cable — and I know, it's what the market will bear, etc., but we all know they're screwing the ignorant and now apparently going after smaller companies, hence... — sent a cease-and-desist letter to smaller cable manufacturer, Blue Jeans Cable. Too bad Blue Jeans Cable's president, Kurt Denke, used to work as an attorney. His response to Monster Cable, posted with permission at Audioholics, is chock full of bring it on, fuckers. Kurt Denke has one hundred arms, each hand with middle finger unfurled.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1985, I spent nineteen years in litigation practice, with a focus upon federal litigation involving large damages and complex issues.  My first seven years were spent primarily on the defense side, where I developed an intense frustration with insurance carriers who would settle meritless claims for nuisance value when the better long-term view would have been to fight against vexatious litigation as a matter of principle.  In plaintiffs' practice, likewise, I was always a strong advocate of standing upon principle and taking cases all the way to judgment, even when substantial offers of settlement were on the table.  I am "uncompromising" in the most literal sense of the word.  If Monster Cable proceeds with litigation against me I will pursue the same merits-driven approach; I do not compromise with bullies and I would rather spend fifty thousand dollars on defense than give you a dollar of unmerited settlement funds.  As for signing a licensing agreement for intellectual property which I have not infringed: that will not happen, under any circumstances, whether it makes economic sense or not.

Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back - Response to Monster Cable [Audioholics]

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19 Responses to Blue Jeans Cable responds to Monster Cable cease-and-desist with Hundred Hand Slap

  1. strider_mt2k says:


    TAKE IT TO THEM…sorry.

    Take it to them and shove it up their backsides!

    Stupid Monster…

  2. a random John says:

    I know nothing about this lawsuit but I have purchased super-cheap HDMI and DVI-HDMI cables from Blue Jeans Cable and they work like a charm. I tell everyone that asks to get their cables from BJC.

  3. g.park says:

    New American Capitalism 101: Litigation is easier than Innovation.

  4. Trent Hawkins says:

    “Blue Jeans Cable responds to Monster Cable cease-and-desist with Hundred Hand Slap”?

    A hundred hand slap? Was their attorney Mr. E.Honda by any chance?

  5. north says:

    I’m the local go-to-geek in my neighborhood and I’m constantly telling people to go to Amazon/Monoprice/cablesdirect for their HDMI, component, etc.
    I will now be referring everyone to Blue Jeans Cable.

    And Joel –
    “His response to Monster Cable, …, is chock full of bring it on, fuckers. Kurt Denke has one hundred arms, each hand with middle finger unfurled.”

    Fucking brilliance.

  6. Bugs says:

    I don’t need and cabling at the moment, but I’m tempted to order something from Blue Jeans on general principle. Awesome stuff.

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    Yes, agreed.
    I was extremely impressed with the 10-ft DVI cable I recently ordered from them.

  8. ernie says:

    Anything that hurts Monster is good, but who wins when one overpriced cable pusher is ‘slapped’ down by a company whose products are slightly less overpriced?

    Is where you need to go. Best prices on Mogami stuff too.

    (not affiliated, its just the go-to site for all the DIY-HT people in the know)

  9. murray says:

    This is awesome. Can someone please submit the audioholics article to digg, etc? I have no memberships on those sites but I would like to see this get the biggest following possible. Eat bad press and die, Monster!

    I only wish more people had the knowledge to be able to stand up to the world’s jerks in the way Denke is doing. The world seriously needs this. Legal bullying should not be allowed.

  10. nnguyen says:

    Not only am I unintimidated by litigation; I sometimes rather miss it.

    Oh shit, it’s on now!

  11. Enochrewt says:

    Go Bluejean! I’ve been a loyal customer for years, mostly because they also do a good job of explaining the cables they sell.

    And wow, as the kids say it these days, that letter is ownage. He even accuses Monster of tax evasion on tax day. Crazy.

  12. General Specific says:

    That. Is. Brilliant.

    Bravo Blue Jeans Cable!

  13. AirPillo says:

    After reading the whole response and noting his logic about it harming future attempts at bullying were they to take him to court and get smacked down, I do really hope they take him to court and get smacked down.

    I hope this encourages people to remember that extortion by proxy of a legal team is still extortion and shouldn’t be allowed to intimidate them.

  14. pjcamp says:

    Sadly, Blue Jeans Cables are just as overpriced as Monster’s else I would buy from them too — a dollar’s worth of copper wrapped in 30 dollars of marketing. Much as I admire his gumption in smacking the bullshit out of Monster, the same cable you get from Cables Direct for $18 comes from Blue Jeans for $30. I’m sorry, but copper is an element. Nobody has a better type of copper than anyone else. Use enough not to break and put a good strain relief on it and that’s a good a cable as anyone makes.

    I’d love to support the guy but I just can’t.

  15. Mister Staal says:

    Oh man, I haven’t had a good evil laugh like that in quite a while. Each and every paragraph brought more pain and suffering, along with hours of work, upon Monster’s attorneys.

    Next time I’m down in Seattle I’m going to have to drop a case of beer off at their shop.

  16. drblack says:

    Good on Blue Jean. Monster cables are a waste of money from an engineering standpoint, unless you are NASA or some such.

  17. Infinite Decay says:

    Those of you who are claiming that Blue Jeans Cable is overpriced need to check out the prices on Tartan Cable (which is the side of Blue Jeans Cable that this cease-and-desist is targeting).

    Blue Jeans Cable and Tartan Cable are operated by the same people, the difference being that Blue Jean makes cables to order (I believe), and Tartan sells affordable premade cables that they import from foreign suppliers. The prices on the Tartan site are comparable to the other low-priced cable purveyors mentioned above.

  18. ill lich says:

    “If this guy had one tit I’d marry him.”

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