Rent a HAL robot suit for $1000

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Nebbish and sunken-chested, a spindly and asthmatic ectomorph, I've long looked forward to exoskeleton technology. I'm sick of having sand kicked into my face by bullies at the beach as I pursue a dim chance at the reproductive act; an exo-skeleton will even the score by allowing me to confront all of the mesomorphic jerks who torment my life on their own brawny terms and, thus confronting them, hit them so hard they ejaculate their central nervous systems. In the 1940s, we had Charles Atlas; in the double oughts of the new Millennium, we have robot suits made out of titanium.

Until now, though, exoskeletons were far too expensive to bother with. Cyberdyne's HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) Exoskeleton, though, looks well within reach. The suit itself is able to enhance the average user's strength ten-fold. Better yet, Cyberdyne is saying that they will have 40--500 suits available for rent by the end of the year... for the scant price of $1,000 per month. If that's really the price, we're totally getting one...

Cyberdyne [Official Site via Bot Junkie]

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