IRC Game "Rule 34 Challenge" Starts in 60 Minutes on FreeNode #boingboing


In 60 minutes, we'll be hosting the second weekly game on Boing Boing's official IRC channel, #boingboing on FreeNode IRC. This week's game? Rule 34 Challenge. The game starts at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 8pm GMT / 9pm BST.

Rules Rule 34, as all men know, is the cosmic rule that demands that porn can be found on the Internet to fit any concept. The rules are simple: numerous times over the course of one hour, I will shout out the Rule 34 Challenge. Contestants will then scramble to Google to find an image or link that puts that person, character or concept in pornographic light. The first three people to present an appropriate link in channel will get points. At the end of the hour, we will add up the points and have our Rule 34 Champions! And we'll knock up the chat log so everyone can bask in our depravity firsthand.

Needless to say, this game will be NSFW.

So, How To Play?: Use an IRC client (or follow this handy-dandy link to a Java client that will run in your browser) to join #boingboing on Freenode. (

Since you will need to be able to private message people in game, register your nick by typing "/msg NickServ register [choose a password]"

Once you've done that, message me that you want to play ("/msg Brownlee I want to play!"). I'll send you a message back, confirming that you're in.

This game won't have any player limits, but you'll still have to message me to play.

See you there!

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  1. I dare say they will, Evil Jim. It was quite a success. I will never think of the Neverending Story in quite the same way.

    The output was enormous, however, and might be difficult and time-consuming to edit into something publishable.

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