Shoe site will start selling gadgets, too


CNET is reporting that my favorite online shoe vendor,, will be launching a new interface design that will highlight their entry into a new market: consumer electronics.

Amazon is clearly their main competitor. I'm torn. I buy most of my electronics from Amazon (with a little Newegg here and there), not just because they tend to have the lowest prices, but because the Amazon Prime shipping gets almost everything to my door in two days or less. But that's the same reason I order from Zappos: they have great prices and quick turnaround, plus great customer service. Here's hoping a little competition keeps both companies on their toes.

The new Zappos: Shoes--and gadgets to boot []

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  1. Zappos and most every other online retailers don’t inform us where they are made. This is an advantage for marketeers with products from undesirable places like China. They get to hide the origin until it arrives. One’s only option is to send it back every time they send you a pair with the “Made in China” label, quite a hassle.

    Zappos isn’t any innovator marketing shoes via mail, internet interface or not. I’ve bought work boots (Made in the USA) from BA Mason company for 15 years. The service is better than Zappos, but not as candyland. Boing Boing is pimping for what reason?

  2. Speaking of competing with Amazon, have you heard of It’s an Amazon ’boutique’ site that sells just shoes and handbags – and competes directly with Zappos already.

    Amazon spun off a whole new website and brand to sell just shoes, in an attempt to give a better/targeted experience for selling shoes. And now Zappos is going in the opposite direction… It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Disclosure: I work for, and said work has some relation to the Endless website (code-wise, not business-wise).

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