Video: The making of original Star Wars' computer graphics

In this video, the man responsible for creating the wireframe images of the Death Star and trench that were used in the briefing scenes of A New Hope explains how he used real computers to "digitize" images. I'm sure I'm not the first to make this observation, but it's really hilarious how futuristic Star Wars seems with its space ships and laser swords, the latest versions of which were wholly created by computers.

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  1. My gods.
    What an incredibly tedious and time-consuming process!

    Can’t argue with the results, though.

  2. It looks like the matte painting of the Death Star he was given for reference doesn’t show the location of its “dimple”. Does this finally explain why the computer model shows the Death Star’s superlaser dish on its equator?

    Nitpicking aside, that’s some amazing work.

  3. It amazing after all these years how much computer graphics has changed…and STILL look fake (c:

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