Ouija board guitar plucks gothic heart strings


A demented facsimile of a folk tune presented itself in mind the moment I set eyes on the ouija board guitar, a contemporary mashup to honor it's crazy blend of art, music and madness.

From the URL, it looks like the artist's name is Nick Holcomb. I'd love to see and hear video of this in action.

Gallery page [via GearFuse]

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  1. It’s an electric slide, so I assume it sounds like Southern Fried Anger. It would be weird if someone sat down at that thing to play it and it was suddenly, like, all Polynesian.

    But seriously, I want to hear it, too.

  2. I guess Holcomb is equal parts sculptor and luthier. I couldn’t find any more of his work beyond the RISD .mac portfolios, but I did learn that, if you’re between the ages of 9 and 12, you can take an origami/paper-folding design class with him this summer. That is freaking awesome.

  3. At Rhode Island School of Design, but I think I read the kids get to take a field trip to Brown, too. Heh.

  4. Hey, it looks like I may have missed the boat on this one, but a friend of mine directed me to this thread as my piece is a point of interest. its cool to see people taking interest in my stuff. i actually tuned it to DADDAD from what would normally be EADGBE.. I’m working on a website right now, (I’m not very tech savvy) but I do have some more pictures on my girlfriends flickr account, so, here.


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