Great entries in 1K competition–keep them coming!


BoingBoing Gadgets, in cahoots with Seagate, launched a competition last week challenging you to send us the most ingenious work of art, writing, code or whatever takes your fancy that fits into a kilobyte or less.

We've had some fantastic entries, one of which will win a Terabyte hard drive courtesy of Seagate. Pictured here is Gabriel McGovern's 1k rendering of the Mona Lisa (resized from his original to give a better view). Umrain's enchanting robot generator (reload for a new one) is an example of taking the challenge broadly: the code is 1k long, and it can generate 1,000 different robots.

Advaranaut's encoded 3D matrix of the BBG logo, which is about 24 times more efficient than the JPG that represents it here:


These are just a few of the great entries we've had so far; not necessarily the best, but perfect examples of the kind of ingenuity we want to see.

The closing date for entries is next Tuesday, so you've got all weekend. Knock us flat with your brilliant interpretation of "1K!" We''ll keep an eye on both this comment thread and the earlier one.

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  1. Here is my entry:
    CSS Mario Head

    Its the head of mario, completely generated by CSS and php. You can change the size and units of the pixels, like ’em’ or ‘px’

    The source code is exactly 1000 bytes.

    I apologize for the adds, but it was the first free hosting with PHP that I found.

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