Pong A Long folding beer pong tables


"Beer Pong" is some sort of drinking-based sport, the object of which is to bounce a ping-pong ball into a plastic cup. (I was the guy trying to explain to dudes' girlfriends the emotional impact of Aeris' death in Final Fantasy VII when I went to frat parties, so I may be a bit murky on the specifics.)

Lest you think Beer Pong the sort of game that can be played on any table at hand — or failing that, on the backs of two interlocked pledges bent ninety degrees at the waist — "Pong A Long" would like for you to consider its "Portable Beer Pong Tables," marked with official areas for cup placement and easily folded to fit into the back seat of a taxi.

If you like manhandled plastic balls in your beer, their currently running a $5-off promo, bringing the price of the seven-foot model to $60 and the eight-foot "Pro" model down to $85 (plus shipping) using code "MI-PONG".

Product Page [PongALong.com]

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