Vintage Japanese automaton back in action


This humanoid 'bot resides in Osaka. Eighty years old, it's just emerged from refurbishment and is once again ready to stare unnervingly at tourists at the Osaka Municipal Museum of Science.

Neatened up from a machine translation:

"Golden "rita" stands at a height of 3.2m. In her left hand, it holds the 'light of inspiration,' and in the right hand, a pen. His face is made of rubber, with compressed air moving the eyes, eyelids, mouth, neck, arms, and chest. Facial expressions and movements are surprisingly smooth."

The most striking part seems to be that instead of simply recreating the old version, they modernized it and created a computer-controlled robot replica that's superior to the original. Here's the inside of its head:


"Eastworld," anyone? Can anyone translate those glyphs?

Update: Commenters alternatively report that it means "study of natural law" or "Learn The Rule of Heaven." There's something neatly complementary and opposite about each of these interpretations.

Source (Machtrans) [impress via TokyoMango]

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