Blackberry's Kickstart clamshell is coming later this year


Outside of the dramatic gravitas of flipping one open with a burning fire of steely command in my eyes, I'm not a big fan of clamshells. Sadly, RIM's new clamshell Blackberry, the Kickstart, isn't doing anything to change my mind.

There are scant details right now, except it uses a SureType keyboard, has a trackball for navigation and has a design aesthetic inspired by the bubble-gum dispensing clamshells you buy for your four year old daughter at the dollar store. It's hard to tell from the picture but it looks cheap. No price

Let me ask you a question, clamshell enthusiasts. Why do you like flip phones? My M.O. for phones is essentially for them to be as small and light when pocketed as possible: all other considerations are secondary. Do you appreciate clamshells because it allows for bigger keys?

Blackberry launching clamshell model this year [Boy Genius Report]

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