HTC announces the iPhoney Touch Diamond

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HTC unveiled in London today its new entry in their Touch line-up of phones, the Touch Diamond: a wonderful phenomenon of iPhone me-tooism that apes all the features of Apple's phone and throws 3G into the mix. That's tentatively exciting until you realize that, by all accounts, the iPhone will have 3G by the time HTC's Touch Diamond gets released. Since HT will be unveiling the Touch Diamond in Europe in June, whether or not the Touch Diamond is the only 3G iPhone-like solution for continentals will have a lot to do with whether or not Apple rolls out iPhone 2 globally all at once.

It's certainly not a shabby looking phone though. It's running Windows Mobile 6.1 with what appears to be an iPhone-ified skin, and features all the rest of the iPhone staples: VGA touch screen, an accelerometer for rotating the screen, and a full-featured web browser (provided by Opera this time; HTC swears that IE6 is also coming, which I'm sure is a prospect that will give us all a big rubbery one). HTC says that YouTube will be supported by an app... I'm assuming that's just YouTube Mobile crap. And, of course, Quad-band HSDPA 7.2.

There's no pricing details yet, but HT is promising it in June as an Orange exclusive. America will get it sometime later, but there's no telling which network it'll be on when it hits the States, though money's certainly against AT&T.

Image: Gizmodo

HTC unveils new HTC Touch Diamond, "not too big, not too small" [Engadget]

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