Powered by Lemarchand: the Hell's Illusion Mini PC


Granted, the Hell's Illusion Mini PC is a mod that only a lifetime Fangoria subscriber could love. Luckily, I am that subscriber. Who needs a Mac Mini when you can drive your home media center with a computer powered by the frickin' Lament Configuration? Utterly ridiculous, but I don't care. Truly, a computer for explorers in the further regions of experience... demons to some, angels to others, Vista users to all. Jesus wept.

The Hell's Illusion PC [Techeblog]

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  1. That’s really cool. I can’t figure out how he did the illusion part of it, though. I thought it was a hologram, but he says “any symmetrical 3d object will work for the illusion.” Where does it go? How does it appear to float inside the PC?

  2. One of my friends had a piggy bank like this when I was a kid.

    There’s a diagonal mirror in the box. The object inside is cut in two, and glued/attached to the mirror. You see the front half, but the back half is just a reflection of the front.

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