Breville iKon BKT500 toaster also burns coffee


I don't quite understand my particular fascination with toasters — I rarely eat toast — especially since I'm comfortably of the school that specialized gadgets have no place in a proper kitchen. Still I haul my Back-to-Basics toaster from under the counter from time to time, hoping the collected dust and hairballs on the unused egg poaching tray won't make their way into my bagel, trying desperately to forget that brief three-day honeymoon when I scarfed down Egg McMuffin clones.

So let's ignore that the Breville iKon toaster has a built-in coffee kettle (a percolator, I believe) and instead focus on the welcome addition of its "A Bit More" button which pulls your bread back down for a final round of browning, obviating the need for that annoying "wait for the coils to cool but not too much" routine.

Like most combo kitchen devices, this one costs more than the two items it would be replacing. It's $130.

Product Page [ via Like Cool via Oh Gizmo]

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