Octocube radiator looks like cubist brain meat


The Octocube radiator is a sculptural concept heater by Vivien Muller that would probably be pretty good at heating up a cold room, given all that surface area. But I can't help but think that with a thin slathering of translucent gelatin and some Pollackesque splatters of red paint, I'd have a lovely Spam-like cube of quivering cerebellum heating my living room.

Octocube [Vivien Muller via Gizmodo via Yanko]

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  1. At the right size, this would would look extra cool as an external heat sink for a liquid-cooled PC.

  2. Jesus God, imagine trying to get the cat hair, dust bunnies, and miscellaneous swarf out of that thing after six months.

  3. bruce – Bose Wave on steroids?

    you mean, you put a cheap speaker at one end and something unspeakably awful (instead of just plain bad) comes out the other?

    I must admit,that is a very good looking cube 🙂

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