Under-the-desk machine charges batteries with your idle pedaling


Although its taking a bit of a drubbing as it passes through the chuckling locker room of gadget blogdom, this pedal-powered charger isn't as daft as its out-of-fashion powder blue design might imply. Called "Energized by You" — or at least that's what we're going to call it, since it appears to be one of those Chinese products that has so many names it's impossible to tell which one is the brand or model — the concept should be obvious to anyone at a glance: pump the pedals to recharge the battery.

And what's wrong with that? The little under-the-desk pedal exercisers might be a bit goofy, but working out while working is an idea that seems to be building momentum. Gym-class cardio machines are getting iPod docks; why couldn't the machines also use your exertion to top off your iPod's battery? Harvesting excess energy, however incidental it might be, is a solid idea.

If you'd like to purchase this particular implementation, Japanese retailer Rakuten is selling them for ¥14,800, plus shipping.

Catalog Page [Rakuten.co.jp (Machine Translated) via TFTS via Gizmodo]

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