World's most expensive shirt is mostly jewelry


I don't mind "World's Most Expensive" items when the companies behind them acknowledge their nature as promotional stunt. Before this shirt from Eton will be auction off for charity it will be taking a tour through some of the company's stores in Europe. Brandish details the opulence:

Features the finest Egyptian cotton yarn. The studs and cufflinks are diamond encrusted, the studs have coloured diamonds and the cufflinks have the plain old normal diamonds, yawn!

So just jewels and nice fabric; surely for £23,000 they could have woven in a little tech trickery. Bullet resistance? Nipple de-chafer? The blood of campesinos?

This reminds me: I need to start putting all my cheap clothing in individual black hard-sided cases.

Eton release the world's most expensive shirt [Brandish]

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