New E-Ink cells offer curved pixels, any-shape displays


E-Ink's newest segmented display cells are 40 percent thinner and may be cut to any desired shape. The first device to feature them is a wireless key fob from Delphi.

The SDC products are simple digit, icon and alpha-numeric displays, offering exceptional readability in a paper-thin form factor that uses minimal battery power. The new SDCs are 40% thinner with a wider operational temperature range and increased flexibility for repetitive 3-D bends or 2-D conformable solutions. Applications include consumer electronics, PC-accessory, display smartcards, capacity indicators, electronic shelf labels, signage and communications applications. The SDC displays use the same E Ink Vizplex™ technology that is shipping in popular electronic book devices such as the Amazon Kindle, SONY Reader and iRex iLiad.

This sounded radical until I remembered all those old-skool LCD watches, and those handheld games where the crystal elements were shaped like a race car or a karate man.

Press Release [E-Ink via Electronista via Gizmodo]

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  1. Yeah, this basically seems like low-power LCD. and those Tiger Electronics watches were just horrible. There were thousands of games, all of the the same.

  2. Before I read that you said it Mr. Beschizza, I thought it: What’s the difference between these and my Tiger football game 30 years ago? Oh it’s thin.

  3. … and low power. And bendable. And have a wider field of view.
    Sometimes I’m dismayed at the cynicism offered by the comments here. I’ve been a fan since the print ‘zine, and a regular website reader for nearly a decade. I actually preferred it before without commentary. Maybe I should just read the RSS feed, content in the misbelief that everyone is infected by optimism and wonder.

  4. Mr. Science, it’s good that you point that out. Cynicism is a great way to springboard into wonder by reminding us what not to wear.

    Cool ideas for this: a wristband with an old-skool style Tiger game that wraps completely around. The control mechanism: the wristband is actually mounted on an “inner wristband” that stays put, and you spin the outer band, with the display, as fast as possible to do whatever the game does. The display produces weird visual effects based on the spin, like those annoying spinning rims young people have on their Honda civics.

  5. MrScience you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the comments, because if you didn’t read them then how would you get that great feeling of being superior to everyone?

  6. >I’ve been a fan since the print ‘zine, and a regular website reader for nearly a decade.

    Why hello, Mr. Unwarranted Self-Importance. I’m sorry we, the commenters, aren’t living up to your lofty, elite standards of opinion quality.

    A tip: any time you play the “I’ve been here from the beginning” card, you just end up looking petty.

  7. Wow. You guys are brutal.

    A tip: Any time you play the “Mr. Unwarranted Self-Importance” card in such an unwarranted way, you just end up looking petty.

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