MSI Wind becomes the $400 subnotebook to beat


MSI have just released pricing details for the Wind, and it's looking very good. Americans will get the 10" Wind on the 3rd of June, featuring a 1024x600 LCD, an 80GB HDD, a 1.3 megapixel webcam and a six-cell battery specced for 5.5 hours of life, along with Intel's new Atom processor. If you want the Linux version with 512MB of RAM, the price will only be $399. You'll pay an astonishing $150 premium for XP and an extra half-gig of RAM though for the Windows flavor, which costs $549. Just slap Ubuntu on the damn thing and save yourself a couple bills.

Despite its gauche white plastic shell, the MSI Wind subnotebook may have just ripped the lashing, fluid-spurting spine out of the Asus Eee's market share and become the subnotebook to beat. A subnotebook that costs less than $400 and has six hours of battery life? Sold.

MSI unveils pricing, launch date for Wind laptop [Tech Report]

Image: Crunchgear

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