Pyramid Puzzle claims to make you intellectually and emotionally smarter


The best puzzles are either masterpieces of complex workmanship or chunky, brightly-colored toys that can survive a nuclear explosion. Brando's $15 pyramid puzzle combines both characteristics, by the looks of it, wedding Rubik-like tasteless design to LeMarchandine intricacy. Brando claims that playing with it increases both your IQ and "emotional" intelligence quotient–layers of hogwash to match the device's layers of complexity!

One wonders, however, at the portal to Tomy Toytown hell that solving it will expose. It's time to play, Kirsty ... Pop-up Puzzle Pirate!

Product Page [Brando via Gizmodo]

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  1. I’ve got one – it’s not that hard – it only took about half an hour to figure out.

    A Rubik’s cube presented much more of a challenge, taking months to fathom how to reliably solve.

    The thing has only about two moves to figure out to solve it. The difficult part (in getting familiar with it) is remember which colors need to be adjacent in order for it to be returned to its starting point.

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