Gary Kasparov and the flying RC penis

International chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov was attacked by a flying penis helicopter during a recent speech in Russia. Alert security dealt with the situation by deftly swatting the cock out of the air long before it could infiltrate Kasparov's oral region or... even worse... hover suggestively around the grandmaster's buttocks.

Gary Kasparov and the Flying Penis [YouTube via POETV]

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  1. Fairly daring move on the part of the security guy. Getting your fingers in an RC helicopter’s moving main blade is a quick trip to a dozen stitches. Those things are sharp and spin fast.

  2. So this is the IRL version of that Second Life press conference stunt from a while back?

  3. My Russian is really rusty, but it sounded like something to the gist of “Everybody give a round of applause to Prime Minister Putin.” I hope I’m not wrong, ’cause it’s pretty funny that way….

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