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XYZ's computer desk is unusual among its peers, in that it's a computer and a desk.

We enjoy the design of the Apple computer range, though on a functional level, PC is preferred. So we designed a desk/computer as beautiful as a Mac but easily upgradeable like a PC. All computer components and cable management is contained within the thickness of the desk, and when upgrading is required, the desk lid simply flips open. CDRW/DVD, USB and Hot Keys are located on the side of the desk.

From the look of that art, I'm quite sure it doesn't actually exist. You could make your own, however, with one of Home Depot's basic hollow doors. They're very light, don't have any irritating pre-cut holes, and have a pleasing smooth, unfinished appearance that can stand alone, IKEA-style, or be stained or painted. Just make sure you have adequate cooling in there, chaps.

Product Page [DDDXYZ via BornRich]

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  1. I first chatted to a friend about making one of these several years ago, using a Mini ITX board and an Ikea coffee table where the table-top was a hollow slab. I thought it’d be a fantastic living room PC, before I thought about the cabling and gave up on that lark.

  2. I’m sorry, but this thing looks like a nightmare from Logan’s Run. Just add Windows to wake up in a cold sweat.

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