Motorola's 180-gram spy radio has GPS, end-to-end encryption

Is frisking someone for a wire still much use as an anti-surveillance measure? Motorola, with its TETRA Covert Radio, has removed any hope of easily ratting out the spies: it weighs only 180 grams and can "easily be concealed in light clothing." From the press release:

The TCR1000 ... helps officers to disguise their equipment during covert operations,
allowing them to blend into the crowd. ...
end-to-end encryption. It incorporates many innovative features to address
the unique requirements of covert radios such as discrete audio, radio
control and long battery lifetime. ... The TCR1000 is controllable from a remote unit that provides
greater flexibility to users in their operations.

It even has integrated GPS. It'll be on show at Hong Kong's TETRA World Congress in June.
Press Release [Motorola]

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