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  1. Really neat. That entire site has some nice watches; I’ve been looking for unique styles priced less than at TokyoFlash.

    Thanks, Mister Brownlee!

  2. HA! I completely thouht of Laser Beak and the Panther (can’t remember his name) cassette that came with Soundwave when I saw this.

  3. @2 Cryptonimicon was everything I could ever ask for in a book.

    Also, the name you are looking for is Ravage.

  4. 2 problems…

    the font used for indicating “hour” and “min” is horrible

    and the blue background is yikes

  5. Just bought one, because I am a consumer whore. Now we’ll see how long the International Shipping takes.

  6. There ought to be an alarm that sounds like tape being fast-fwded. If there was a wall-mounted boombox-style clock the cuckoo contraption might be unspooled tape popping in and out.

  7. Nice, but I’d prefer one with a non-metallic band. Those linked-steel ones always seem to wrench the hairs roots and all right out my arm like some sort of Epilady torture device. Good way to stay awake in meetings, though.

  8. all i want to know is how much is that in USD and how can i get my hands on one!?!

  9. Recieved mine yesterday. Cool as!
    Ordered Friday, arrived tuesday (im in the UK).
    The strap is brushed aluminium.

    Fairly chunky (and I dont like chunky watches), but suprisingly dont feel bad at all.

    And yeah – the font could be no other style 😉

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