MSI Wind hands-on at Crave


CNET Crave has a gallery up and a hands-on of MSI's Wind. With new cheapie subnotebooks on their way from Dell and Asus and the Eee already a success, it's got to stand out–and it does...

This could be the best mini laptop so far -- it's comfortable to use, has a good display, is super-affordable and promises great performance.

We like: Screen; keyboard; value for money.

We don't like: Mouse trackpad could be bigger; no integrated 3G.

Hands-On [CNET Crave]

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  1. Am I the only one who’s annoyed that all these new mini-notebooks only have D-Sub connectors for video-out?

    I can almost understand not offering a DVI connector, as those are bigger, but isn’t there another connector that would provide a signal that can easily be converted (via a simple, cheap adaptor) to DVI or HDMI?

  2. I truly dislike mouse trackpads. Are there any of these things that *don’t* give 1/3 of their keyboard space over to a trackpad?

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