Video: Google Android phone user interface (looking great!)

Android Community has three videos up from a recent presentation by Google, showing off the latest version of the open-source, Linux-based Android smartphone OS. It looks really fantastic, swiping many cues from the iPhone but adding several neat tricks of its own.

You really should click through to Android Community and watch the video showing the live Google Street View mapping application matched up to a motion sensor and compass. It's probably the first useful commercial implementation of an augmented reality device. It's a system seller.

I adore my iPhone (and already have cash earmarked for the new one), but it makes me really happy to see Android coming together so well. Apple always behaves better when there is a smart competitor keeping them in check.

First LIVE images and videos of FULLSCREEN Android demos! []

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  1. “Apple always behaves better when there is a smart competitor keeping them in check.”

    I really like that thesis, but I can’t think of any strong examples for it. Maybe with some of their software products like Aperture/Keynote/iPhoto/etc?

  2. Things like this make it so I can’t wait until my “free phone every 2” comes due, and yes I know that it gadget blasphemy to use the same phone for two years straight.

  3. I must comment that while the OS itself is linux, the Android platform itself it not yet open-source yet. That should happen in the second half of the year, once actual devices start shipping:

    Programming for Android was pretty cool, and there are lots of premade components to use, link, and extend. I wrote something that … well, we’ll say that ‘it has potential’ and would benefit from a few more hours of coding.

    I’ve been using the same phone for over 4 years… it probably needs replacing.

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