Virtual worlds to visit before you die


Check out Tom Chick's new games-writing gig at Sci-Fi, Fidgit. Among the first entries is a virtual edition of places you must visit before you die...

Paris, Rome, Fiji, the Taj Majal? Pshaw. Yeah, sure, the graphics are pretty good and the back stories are great, but the fees are huge and you can't save your game. Plus, they won't yet run on any gaming system you own. So instead, here are five virtual places you must visit before you die, and you don't even have to leave your house to do it.

On the itinerary: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Assassin's Creed's Damascus, GTA 4's Liberty City, Bioshock's Rapture, and LotRO's Shire.

There seems to be to be a certain vibe to the choices, a living, breathing, "humanist" edge that might preclude popular gaming locales like, say, Hyrule. I'd like to sneak in the bleak, hazy beauty of the setting from Ico and Colossus. Few things stick to my heart for long in the artless cultural landfill of gaming, but that did.

Fallout's post-apocalyptic America has its charms, too, and it's something we'll be getting a fresh look at soon, thanks to Bethesda's forthcoming Fallout III. Speaking of Bethesda, I'd also include the alien milieux of Morrowind Isleā€“but not the setting of it's generic Med-Fantasy sequel, Oblivion. Joel, when asked, doubled up on GTA IV: "It continues to blow me away with its verisimilitude."

Oh, and so what if no-one's played it yet: Love's landscape (pictured) looks so stunning I can barely imagine not wanting to drop by.

John is out of town, but he would probably say Planescape:Torment or something. First person to say "Azeroth," gets disemvowelled. First person to say "Second Life" gets disembowelled.

Five Places... [Fidgit]

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