Make Your Own Unimpressive GPS Art

It started a couple of weeks ago with Erik Nordenenkar's claim to have created a self-portrait by shipping a GPS-equipped device to various points on the map, recording DHL's flight paths along the way. Though later revealed as fiction, it's the hot new trend in nerd art. Antti Laitinen does it for real, producing what Wired's Dylan Tweney called "A self-portrait of the artist as a drunken psychotic." Engadget declares "Get 'em in quick folks, your 15 minutes are almost up. How to follow in their footsteps before Mr. Warhol calls you in?

By cheating, of course, with our easy, one-size-fits-all Unimpressive GPS Art generator. Click and drag to draw! Maps backgrounds are random. Reload to get either Earth itself or one of a selection of the most unpleasant and forbidding locales known to mankind: Mars, Chernobyl and Nottingham.

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