Bluelounge Sanctuary promises freedom from chargers


Twin disasters bookended a long day. First, I forgot my die-cut sandblasted Montanese platinum business card holder. Then I left in a hurry, and had to stuff all my gadgets into my kangaroo-leather briefcase without any kind of organization whatsoever.

Already uncomfortable as I left the office, I heard the metal shield of a USB plug sliding against the side of my Mac when the elevator lurched into motion. I couldn't tell if it was a proper white Apple USB cable or a gray Belkin one. I imagined everything in the same compartment, writhing, imbalanced, asymmetrical. It was all I could do not to vomit.

Home offered a modicum of peace. I carefully removed each item from the briefcase. My eyelids fluttered when I saw that the iPod had been upside-down the whole time. I discarded yesterday's Bluelounge Sanctuary in the trash and unwrapped a new, clean one, placing it on the desk and slowly cleaning and polishing each item before it went into its reversible scratch-resistant recharging bed. At $130 a day, it's a small price to know that everything is as it should be.

Product Page [Charles and Marie via Technabob]

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