Uncle Waxy unearths "The Machine That Changed the World" documentary

Andy Baio has tracked down a copy of the five-part series The Machine That Changed the World, a 1992 documentary about the history of computing. And I do mean "tracked down," as the only copies were on VHS. He's posted the first episode, "Great Brains," along with his annotations, links, and history.

Waxy as archivist is wonderful stuff.

The Machine That Changed the World: Great Brains [Waxy.org]

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2 Responses to Uncle Waxy unearths "The Machine That Changed the World" documentary

  1. royaltrux says:


  2. Gainclone says:

    HOLY FREAKING CRAP! This makes me IMPOSSIBLY HAPPY. Growing up, my uncle (a cool, total 70s-era nerd, and a big influence on my own nerdiness) had a recorded-from-TV VHS copy of this series, and he lent it to me. 10-year-old me watched that thing dozens of times. I loved it! My dad and uncle were always computer buffs, so this documentary was a way for me to get it on the action EVEN MORE.

    I’m so glad these are online now. Giddy, popcorn-eating watching session HERE I COME!

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