"Sexy" anime case mod doesn't run far


With this 3D styrene PC case, anime and nerdery become, once again, companions in misfortune. It's the Boxing Helena factor that adds the final piquant note of insanity. After all, she can't escape if she doesn't have any legs!

Joel tells me this is as "old as the hills." My apologies for regluing any neurons long-ago etch-a-sketched into disarray, but it's now for sale at 350,000¥.

Product Page [via TokyoMango]

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  1. That translates to $3,333.07; for the same amount, a hapless nerd could buy an awful lot of lap dances where a real live woman would pretend to like him for three minutes at a time. Alternatively, it could also buy a gun, one bullet, and a cremation.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something here but I’m stumped as to why anyone would pay an arm and a leg for something like that.

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