Touch Pro is sleek, severe and specced to the gills


HTC's Touch Pro, a Windows Mobile slider phone, doggedly refines the hardware-qwerty form factor about as far as it can go in 2008: 7.2 Mbps 3G data, 512MB of flash, 288MB of RAM, a 3.2mp camera and GPS. It again has the TouchFLO 3D user interface slapping lipstick on the Winmobile hog, and the complement of basic web apps like Google Maps and YouTube.

What is it about this one, folks, that gives it an edge? It's to the point where overpowered, unimaginative phones ("Bridges mobile work with mobile play," starts the hackneyed press release) barely register outside our little clique of gadget blogs, but the Touch Pro has a touch of the buzz about it today. Perhaps it's that uncompromising monochromatic design.

The Touch Pro will be available later this year.

Product Page [HTC]

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3 Responses to Touch Pro is sleek, severe and specced to the gills

  1. g.deck says:

    It’s still running Windows Mobile. Can’t make a purse out of sow’s ear, now matter how much gold and diamonds you cruft upon it.

    Wait twelve months, let google phone OS come out, let iPhone 2.0 to build a software community and Windows Mobile is going to be about as relevant as Pet Rocks and 8 tracks.

  2. Enochrewt says:

    Sadly, Windows Mobile is a step up for those of us still running Palm 5. *sniff*

    Is this phone really black and white? Or is that just the color of the icons?

  3. bademailname says:

    You forgot the best part: it has a nummy VGA screen. Albeit 2.8 inches isn’t nearly as sexy as 3.5 inches on the whyPhone.

    I’m still waiting for the Xperia X1. That phone leaves little bits of drool down my chin.

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