Yahoo! mails out kegs of foul skunk beer to promote SearchMonkey


To promote their new SearchMonkey open search platform, Yahoo has been sending out "Happy Hour in a Box" kits... kits loaded with a mini-keg full of Heineken, a brew with all the flavor, bouquet and piquant aroma of a drunk Steve Ballmer holding you down and pissing into your mouth.

Dear Yahoo: not that you sent us any Heineken — and God help you if you ever do — but for future reference, Boing Boing Gadgets can only be bribed with a cooler of tasty micro-brews or a case of single-malt scotch. Otherwise, we accept cash, credit and Substance D.

Yahoo Celebrates SearchMonkey Launch By Shipping Out Boxes of Beer [Crunch Gear]

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  1. If they’re operating on “any publicity is good as long as you spell our name right”, you played right into their hands…

  2. I can’t believe there’s no comments about “a drunk Steve Ballmer holding you down and pissing into your mouth.”

    I think the readers have gotten too serious for you guys, I LOLed.

  3. Hope you do get one. If you do, though, give it a shot. The keg means minimal light-to-beer contact i.e., the isohumulones in the hop acids don’t break down into 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol nearly as readily as they do in the green glass bottles.

    Cans/kegs: old timey beer gadgets that happen to make a huge difference in the beers they contain. Especially those horrifically packaged in clear or green bottles.

  4. Heineken may taste like garbage water in the US, but it’s because the recipe is altered for export. Try the real Heineken in Amsterdam, it’s amazing!

  5. I’m with MarkFrei.
    Have them come up a few levels to PBR. If they’re feeling randy, microbrews are nice. I understand that there is plenty of good beer in England to choose from…

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