Compendium of odd alarms


Techopolis finds twenty-two of the weirdest alarm clocks available, from 110db Screaming Meanies to contraptions that roll off and hide when activated.

Most annoying example: an alarm clock gussied up to resemble a bomb, which must be "defused" before it will fall silent. Pictured is the Giovanni TimeSphere, which projects the time with a ball that can be moved from room to room. How about a functioning Time Cube?

22 Unique and Bizarre Alarm Clocks [trend hunter]

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  1. I’m pretty sure that projector ball doesn’t really float above the base unit. Too much whisper-down-the-blog happening in this post.

  2. Almost all of those clocks have something in common: They’re cruel. Even the ones that don’t shock you, light your pillow up (think about it, it’s torture) or rip your blankets off have something else in common, no snooze button.

    I like the stripper one, but it’s even more evil than the rest.

  3. I use foobar2000 as my alarm clock. At preset times, it will wake my laptop up from hibernate or standby and start playing music.

    To turn it off I have to cross the room, open the laptop up, type in my password, and press x.

    If I really need to wake up fast, I have it play a song that gets really vulgar after about thirty seconds. But if I just need to wake up, I can play something pretty mellow.

  4. The Chumby is by far the coolest alarm I’ve ever had (I am not affiliated with Chumby Industries in anyway except as a customer). I go to sleep listening to a Bossa stream, wake up to WKCR’s stream, get headlines and weather before my feet leave the covers, can play any of hundreds of little games and videos from around the web, and can even ssh into it to play with settings, etc. If you haven’t checked out the Chumby in a while, look again. Also, as of a couple of days ago, you can get the latest Boing Boing posts on the Chumby: link

  5. Man, I really want a chumby, but I keep finding other things to waste my disposible income on. I should stop that.

  6. my super emergency alarm clock is a ryobi palm sander plugged into an edison plug timer, and placed gently beneath my pillow. It’s works most days.

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