Droog straps are not endorsed by Anthony Burgess


Oh Gizmo! caught my attention with the headline "Droog Storage Straps" and visions of Clockwork Orange licensed housewares began dancing in my head. Regrettably, "Droog" is the design house, not Nadsat, and the storage straps are simple bungees that attach to a wall and allow you to tautly strap shoes and other small items to it. A decent space saving solution, sure, but not exactly the sort of thing you might see Alex, George and Dim cramming their bowlers into at the Korova Milk Bar, is it? Although I suppose you could still use the Droog Straps to restrain a proper subject for the application of the Ludovico technique. Close enough.

Droog Straps [All Modern via Oh Gizmo via Cribcandy]

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  1. I wouldn’t want to rub those dirty straps onto my nice white sneakers!

    Well perhaps I’d be less concerned about the dirty straps and more about squishing my shoes out of shape. I don’t think anything that crushes/squeezes/etc your clothes/shoes/etc is a good storage solution.

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