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  1. Cute, and the data sheet says it’s magnetic, unfortunately, there no RPN. I still long for HP to bring back the HP 15c.

  2. Oh-boy! A four-banger calculator with both a percent key AND memory!

    This is the same functionality as my 1st calculator, a $40 Bomar Brain in 1974.

    I love the industrial design, and at $5.99 (list), it’s not too expensive.  Of course, it also comes with HP’s:

    Award-winning support
    · Get peace of mind with the one-year limited
    · Get answers to product questions 24 x 7,
    toll-free, or via e-mail in as little time as an hour—at

    Yes, we all need to call tech support from time-to-time on a four-banger calculator…. Tech Support, can you tell me how to use the percent key? [grin]

    I still own two HP 11c RPN calculators from the early-to-mid 1980.  They are virtually indestructible! In 1977, I remember reading an HP customer newsletter which included customer-written stories of the abuse HP’s calculators had taken — and how they just kept working.

    Both of my calculators still work, even though I have not replaced the batteries in almost 20 years! It’s probably because they have mercury batteries (now considered hazardous waste.)  I know I have one – and maybe both – manuals as well.

    I actually wish I had my Simplex Slide Rule as well.

  3. I firmly believe that HP calculators actually charge batteries instead of using them up.

    I have fantasies of mating and HP calculator and an iphone so that I could have rpn and a beautiful display – but the battery life would go from decades to hours.

  4. The picture of the pretty lady on HP’s “data sheet” tells me nothing although she’s nice to look at for a second, but telling me it’s magnetic, and telling me to put one in my purse (if I had one) is interesting. Maybe right next to my credit cards…
    I remember when HP made real calculators (15C, 41C, 48SX et al.)… those were the days. Nowadays, I guess you’d just use Excel, SAGE, etc. for calculations.

  5. Actually, HP still do make some RPN calculators, including the old 12c (Financial), 33s and 35s (scientific), and the bigger 50g (successor to the 48/49). I like RPN, but I’ve been seduced to the dark side by the full algebraic editing system on my Casio FX-570ES…

  6. How is this Green, it uses batteries. They could have at least put the buttons closer together and put a solar cell on it. Too much on style, not enough on value.

  7. My first thought was “no RPN!?” as well… I have a 41CX that just won’t die, and a 48G that’s just as tough. When the 35S came out, I picked one of those up to have something a bit smaller to carry in my bag… I can’t recommend that calculator enough! I’d almost lost hope after the disaster that was the 33S, but the 35 is some sweet shit! I imagine anyone who knows what RPN is doesn’t really need an excuse to pick up another calculator… If you’re ever tempted, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  8. BNT,
    Are you sure about that? I didn’t see any of those on HP’s calculator web page.
    Anyway, I’ve still got my 41C and 48SX. My 15C got stolen a long time ago. I used to do synthetic programming on the 48SX…lots of fun.

  9. It’s a little-known secret that the finance world runs on HP 12C calculators. I personally keep one on my desk and one spare at all times, as they have a tendency to disappear on the trading desk. I currently have one at home, two working ones and one broken one at work. (I threw it against a wall… not HP’s fault.) They are truly awesome, particularly the latter-day “Platinum Edition” which in addition to being bling is vastly faster than the older golden models.

  10. Before you buy this gem, you notice it has a replaceable battery. Good.

    After you buy it, you note that nowhere does it
    mention how the battery is changed. There’s no apparent way – no battery door, etc. Bad.

    So, what ? Is it supposed to be disposable? The literature from HP is useless. Maybe you take a tiny phillips screwdriver and take out the 10 screws and have it explode into dozens of pieces ?

    I’m really disapponited at H/P. They can do a lot better..

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