HP, Voodoo fling cool products into iPhone's wake

HP's 5 a.m. roar of announcements gives us blessed respite from the relentless concentration of iPhonery. Here's what it's got for us:


• HP's new TouchSmart IQ500 bumps the lineup's top-end specs to currency, with a 22" display, ambilight and 4GB of RAM. Unique just got better–and, at $1,300 and up, reasonably priced–but it's the improved design that makes it most desirable.


• The Voodoo Omen tower PC, a brutal and beautiful slab of metal with a 7" integrated auxiliary display and a $7,000 price tag. Specs aren't detailed, but "best of everything" is mandatory at that price.


• A 13.3" Voodoo Envy notebook that's only 0.7" thick from front to back.
Less compromise on power and capability, but in a form factor cut to match Sony's X505, Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo's X300. Wonderfully severe design. Do Want.


• The "DreamColor" LCD display, designed to have perfect color balance.
Want to pay extra for superior color reproduction in a 30" screen? This is your $3,500 huckleberry.


• Sixteen other laptops, mostly unappetizing.

HP press release smorgasbord

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  1. The case for the $7000 behemoth is sweet. I really like cases that look like they could hurt if you touch them wrong.

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