Old motorcycles turned into Gigeresque Aliens furniture

glass 004.jpg

UK outlet Yes I Can take the chrome husks of old motorcycles, then construct biomechanical, Giger-esque xenomorphs from the various odds and ends... xenomorphs that then become the central, silver components of tables, chairs and couches. Oggling the site, Beschizza and I just shared a breathless moment of awe, then a half-hour-long joint Quicken session as we struggled to figure out how we might be able to afford the £2000.00 minimum asking price. The good news is that I can buy a Face Hugger End Table just by knocking off beer for the next few months, but Rob? He's got to murder his wife.

Xenomorph Furniture [Yes I Can via Techdigest]

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One Response to Old motorcycles turned into Gigeresque Aliens furniture

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    I’ve seen similar sculptures before, and they do look cool, but personally? I wouldn’t want to be the one sitting at this table who has to take the spot right in front of the thing’s mouth; my boys would not be happy, if you catch my drift.

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