Sugarkane "Occhiali" asymmetric sunglasses


Brandish reports on what may be an upcoming trend in sunglasses: asymmetry. These "Occhiali" from Italian firm Sugarkane are just regular sunglasses with a permanent half-wink as well as lenses that go dark in sunlight. (As seen in many prescription glasses.)

They're probably expensive — the website suggests emailing for a price — but I think there's something to them. Can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something appealing about the slight touch of asymmetry to a product traditionally symmetrical — without going off the early-'80s-Pizza-Hut-Back to the Future deep end.

Of course, I'm not sure I want to see, say, a laptop with one half of the screen wider than the other. But it would look futuristic.

Sugarkane 'Occhiali' asymmetric sunglasses [Brandish]

Update: The designer has responded to my pricing query: 300 € a pair. (I don't pay more than $5 for my sunglasses, but now you know.)

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  1. dear gods no.
    just … no.
    Leave it to a designer to come up with something MORE ugly than bug eyed sunglasses.

    I’m just starting to see that asinine one-pant-leg-rolled-up thing. It’s not even the correct leg to be a bike rider most times .

    Did someone see an episode of You Can’t Do That on Television from the 70s and think it was a good idea?

    Designers need to realize that fashion “rules” aren’t arbitrarily made up. They are only rules because people like certain things and don’t like others.

  2. Those dang auto-tint glasses make for terrible sunglasses. Half of the “help” that sunglasses give you is in softening the initial shock of hitting really bright light. By the time the chromatic lenses darken enough to help, your eyes have adjusted. I lived with it for a while, and they do help with comfort when you’re in the sun for a long time, but they react to slowly to be as good as real sunglasses. Every salesman always says “oh, but they’re much better now.” And they aren’t. They’re the exact same damn thing. I want to punch* the next salesman that says that right in the face.

    (Note: Not really punch.)

  3. I have the feeling that if someone saw you with these on, they’d think that you had a facial deformity and not that the sunglasses were asymetrical. Maybe that’s the fashion statement?

    I’m a fan of symetrical things anyway. Always have been, always will.

  4. $5 for your sunglasses?? They don’t get cheaper than €6 in Spain!

    It’s high time Europe just buys all of the US –save some military ops abroad– so we stop all this nonsense.

  5. I hate the bug-eyed lenses I see everywhere. With burning passion. These are actually slightly – slightly – better. Maybe if the large lens wasn’t so large (I have a small face, I have to do the small rectangular glasses).

    But… probably not.

  6. You could wear these riding one of those BMW bikes with assymetrical headlights. Those bikes look drunk.

    And the pants leg thing – that’s in honour of shackled slaves, nothing to do with bikes.

  7. Ugh… I wear glasses on a daily basis. If my glasses are even slightly crooked, it bothers my eyes and my nose, because they don’t *feel* right. I’m sure these would make my brain hurt, as I’d spend more time glancing at the weird frame than looking through the lenses.

    To each his own, but I like symmetry on my face.

  8. TRR hits it on the head.

    I used to work in an optical shop and we would use frame warmers to heat up frames and then drop them in ice water to shrink them around lenses. We used to do this with used frames to fit lenses someone would bring in. You could probably do this with almost any plastic frame, just be sure to do it a little at a time so you don’t warp the lens bevel.

    The frame tracer machines can cut lenses for almost any shape. Bingo bango, make your $5 frames look like crappy expensive Italian frames.

  9. I have the feeling that if someone saw you with these on, they’d think that you had a facial deformity and not that the sunglasses were asymetrical. Maybe that’s the fashion statement?

    But if you HAD a facial deformity, maybe it would straighten things out a bit. Maybe that’s their market!

  10. …without going off the early-’80s-Pizza-Hut-Back to the Future deep end.

    And why not go off the deep end? That’s what fashion is all about.

    The early ’80s was a great time for sunglasses, IMO. I love the giant plastic aviator-ish frames that are making a comeback right now.

  11. dculberson: I disagree. I’ve been using autotints as my default glasses for two years now, and I’m really happy with them.

  12. I’m a fan of symetrical things anyway. .yawyna sgniht lacirtemys fo naf a m’I
    Always have been, always will. .lliw syawla ,neeb evah syawlA

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