The Voodoo Envy may be slimmer than the MacBook Air, but you'd never guess...


I don't really want to recite the same old cultish shibboleths as the rest of the Apple fan base, but this image stacking the MacBook Air atop the Voodoo Envy really does demonstrate at a glance how superior Apple's designers really are to the rest of the industry. Looking at the two, you might parse that that Voodoo was slim and you would register that the Air is also substantially tapered, but you would still probably think that the Envy was one-and-a-half to two times thicker than the Air, as opposed to the reality of being measurably slimmer. And that's why Apple's designers are best of biz: sure, the Envy's designers made it slim, but Apple? They made the Air slim and then they made it an optical illusion for good measure.

Voodoo Envy 113 vs MacBook Air [Journal du Geek via Slashgear]

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  1. Yes, but if didn’t have the measurements to hand, you might choose the MBA over another laptop if you thought it was thinner.

  2. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t find the tapered’ness of the MacBook Air all that sexy? The clean sharp lines of the Envy (rather have the air however)look much more appealing to me. Clamshell design always looks a little weird.

  3. For me Function was always best followed by form.
    So how about some specs to compare other than just which one is the thinnest.

  4. #8 posted by Daemon , June 10, 2008 9:13 PM

    They’ll get right to work for you on a box with a clear plastic side so you can see the glowing purple and green lights inside ASAP.

  5. No offense, but I’m not really into thin laptops. Small, yes. Thin, no. Plus it’s horrendously overpriced for what it is. But that’s everything of Apple’s except the new 3g iPhone.

    I think the MacBook Air will ultimately go under the category of Apple fuck-ups. Good thing they’re going to make money hand over fist with the new line of iPods and iPhones. I just wish they’d support unlocking, or at least turn a blind eye to it. For a company started by a couple of hackers in a garage, they certainly don’t take of friendly attitude of people attempting to walk in their footsteps.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that Apple gets away with actions that Microsoft would be crucified for simply because they’re Apple.

  6. Plus: Thinkpad square=underappreciated design yumminess. Some people like matte black squares instead of shiny white blobs.

  7. Love or hate apple, the Macbook AIR does look thinner (and better) than any run-of-the-mill bog-standard laptop. That’s the whole point of this post and it’s correct.
    At least with mobile phones, there’s some good design out there, but with laptops or pc’s? They all seem to be competing for making their product the ugliest. (or they skip the whole design step altogether and just dump their components in a grey box that was still lying around).

  8. no you are wrong. the laptop industry of the 90s tried the tappered look and compaq came along and made a simple block and it swept up the market around 2000 2001, and everyone followed. the market wants simplicity in design more than a token winner of a fad, the current being “whos the slimmest”. the fad will die and a apple will roll back into a flat, truely flat design. and of course, that will help their market. but regardless of the $ and c… as a designer, the new iphone and the air single a moment someone else to come in with some unified and refreshing simplicty to get us all over the envelope stuffing faze.

  9. The laptop industry of the early 90’s may have tried a tappered look and failed miserably at it. However laptops in the early 90’s couldn’t dream of being less than 2cms thick (at their thickest point!) and could also never dream of weighing less than 1.5kgs.

    I’d never buy a MacBook air unless I already owned A) a nice swish desktop
    B) a decent laptop (one that had more than 1 USB point and a CD Drive

    oh and I’d also need lots of spare money. Something that won’t happen at the same time as A) & B)

    This doesn’t change the fact that they’re the most beautiful laptop on the market!

  10. However, the MacBook Air still looks better, so that’s why it’s much more notable than the Voodoo Envy.

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