Vending machine smashes fine china


Yarisa Kublitz' "passive aggressive" vending machine vends fine china–right into a smashed pile of broken ceramics at the bottom of the pickup chute. "The artist contends that this act will make you feel better," writes MAKEblog.

Top 10 amusing things to vend: naked iPhones, pencils, health potions, live animals, circular saws, hammers, money exactly as inserted, bricks, ice cream cones, and Diana Ross.

Yarisa Kublitz [ via Make]

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  1. Rajio, maybe you missed the part where the Internet is worldwide and postings here aren’t always about American things. Yarisal & Kublitz and their art are apparently in Switzerland. So maybe move there to be wasteful?

  2. Pens, pencils and small notebooks would be extremely welcome additions to my university’s vending machines. I don’t need 7 machines in one room selling 14 flavours of water, 3 flavours of coke, 9 other sodas, 10 energy drinks, 20 kinds of chips, and 8 different chocolate bars, thanks. At least not all the time.

    I did see diskettes and zip disks in vending machines a few years ago. I wonder if they’ve switched over to flash drives?

  3. #3: I agree, much more useful.

    I was at the local university the other day and I bought a drink out of a vending machine. It did so many complicated things to get the drink to me I was confused as where it would come out. The ~19ish year olds behind me snickered.

    Hey you kids! Get off my damn lawn! Don’t make me shoot rock salt at you!!

  4. dculberson maybe you missed the part where i was making a joke about American lifestyle wastefulness and not inferring that this work itself is American. 😛

  5. Our college had pencils, very small notepads, batteries, and diskettes in a narrow little vending machine jamned in the back corner of the computer lab. Handy.

  6. Cool! I hate having to smash my own China after I buy it, along with cookies & potato chips.

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